JUST CONFECTIONARY designed by YOD Studio.

YOD Studio Design Just Pasticceria

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The new confectionary Confiserie JUST, designed by YOD Studio, offers its visitors handmade sweets, prepared by recipes of the best pastry chefs in France.

Just confectionary design yod studio

All sweets are made from natural French chocolate by confectioners making the cooking process into art. The pastry and candies lie at the centre of the space and they have intentionally chosen such a restrained design in order not to distract guests’ attention from the display of confectioneries in the shop window.

Just confectionary design yod studio

The quiet grey and cream pallet used in the decoration materials emphasizes the brightness of chocolate and confectionary coating.
Original lamps specially developed by industrial designer Andriy Galushka hang under the tables placed on the perimeter of the round room. Due to open confectionary shop, guests have a possibility to watch the process of chocolate cooking and enjoy the masterful work.

Design studio  YOD Studio of commercial design
Graphic design Ilya Nepravda
Location Lviv, Ukraine
Area 60 sqm
Photos courtesy Andrey Bezuglov
by AN shopfitting magazine no.135 ©