ANSORG and VITRA at EuroShop 2017

ANSORG and VITRA at EuroShop 2017

📅04 Gennaio 2017, 12:42

Ansorg and Vitra will jointly present «The Village» at the retail trade fair in Dusseldorf from 5 to 9 March 2017.

People are changing the way they live, work and shop – and this is particularly noticeable in the current development of cities and shopping zones. The classic product display is evolving into a multifaceted shopping experience, in which digital elements play a growing role. However, it is not enough to simply incorporate in-store digital technology. Digitisation at the point of sale only achieves its goals by withdrawing to the background, keeping the focus on the customer experience and, of course, by increasing store productivity. In the face of online competitors, the brick-and-mortar concept must also offer added value: excellent service, expert assistance, a multi-sensory environment and – above all – human interaction. At EuroShop, Ansorg and Vitra are showcasing a concept that meets today’s consumer expectations under the title «The Village».

«The Village» invites visitors to shop

«The Village» encompasses a plaza-like setting, in which customers can linger and relax, and five stores offering diverse shopping experiences: a fashion store, a cosmetics shop, a consumer electronics store, a car showroom and a Ansorg Vitra Euroshop 2017grocery store. A fictitious brand was created for each of these retail worlds, along with individual products and a history that invites customers on a journey. Each store is centred round a new Vitra product, and Ansorg has developed different lighting concepts tailored to each world. The various shops also address the current challenges facing retailers – one concept is extremely flexible and designed to enable quick reconfiguration, another appeals to all five senses, the next provides services that merge the real and virtual worlds. Each of the stores at the stand strives to attract customers with its products and ambience – just like actual competitors in today’s retail market.

«The Village» at the EuroShop fair was developed by Vitra and Ansorg in collaboration with Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto.


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