Checkland Kindleysides has created a new store concept for UGG footwear,

Checkland Kindleysides has created a new store concept for UGG footwear,

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Checkland Kindleysides has created a new store concept for UGG footwear, which is its “biggest re-launch in 37 years.”

Marking the 10th anniversary of their first flagship store in SoHo, New York, the new concept was unveiled in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Checkland Kindleysides Ugg global retail concept

The new store design will inspire future openings in key markets later this year including: Shanghai, New York City and Tokyo. “Our new retail environment is the pinnacle UGG® brand experience,” said Stefano Caroti, President of Omni-Channel, Deckers Brands. “It honours our history, celebrates the present and offers a glimpse into our exciting future.”

Elevating its retail destinations to a sensorial experience that evokes the UGG® lifestyle, the new store design blends together the many ways UGG® effortlessly fits into its customer’s lives – from home to work to play.
Checkland Kindleysides Ugg global retail conceptInspiration came from the Californian roots of the brand, its connections to nature and its modernist vibe, a sense of stylish living that’s both ‘off duty and ‘on air’,” said Joe Evans, Creative Director, Checkland Kindleysides. “The store is a relaxing social environment that radiates the UGG® brand’s luxurious warmth, engages through sensorial brand storytelling and invites you to enjoy the good things in life with good people.”

The 2,828 sqft retail space is located in the new Town Centre neighbourhood of Disney Springs, which features Spanish revival-style architecture influenced by the rich history of explorers who landed in Florida centuries ago. The guiding principle behind the new store design is to immerse guests into the UGG® lifestyle and leave them with a sense of tranquillity. UGG global concept Checkland KindleysidesThis sanctuary of calm is enhanced by several key elements that come together to create a compelling brand experience, including:

Open plan layout – Mirroring the accessibility of the UGG® brand, the space invites a sense of discovery and modern casual living. Customers are encouraged to navigate the store at their own pace, exploring key destinations including men’s, women’s, kid’s and lifestyle, as well as a limited edition collection of Disney inspired products

Classics bar – Set at the back of the store, the ‘Classics Bar’ houses the iconic UGG® Classic sheepskin boot and pays homage to the brand’s rich history. Alongside these storytelling elements sits a customisation bar and a digital platform that allows access to exclusive UGG® content

Panoramic views – Panoramic views of dramatic scenery paired with cinemagraphs and ambient lighting transform the space into a modern living environment that opens up to the great outdoors and promotes a feeling of tranquility and rejuvenation

UGG global concept Checkland KindleysidesBrand iconography – The store is punctuated with brand signatures that are effortless and intuitive, in turn creating a design language that is uniquely UGG®. The brand’s iconic ‘sunflake’ pattern, classically found on the sole of the boot, has been deconstructed in-store and applied in a way that radiates warmth, style and a spectrum of seasons

Materials – Material choices were selected in harmony with the UGG® brand and its products, with each material having a purpose and a route back to the concept. For example, the twisted metal of rebar visually alludes to the famous stitching of the UGG® boot, an acknowledgement to the brand’s craftsmanship and quality

Colour palette – Taking inspiration from the natural colour palettes extracted from ‘skyscrapers’ across the world; the gradients in store evoke a calming sense of warmth and comfort.

To ensure global brand consistency, the concept is scalable for further development into different formats and smaller spaces including wholesale, shop in shops and showrooms.

Checkland Kindleysides

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Founded in 1978 in California, UGG® is a division of Deckers Brands based in Goleta, California. The brand has built a reputation on luxury and comfort by using only the finest materials in the world, employing the highest standards of craftsmanship, and delivering new and innovative styles.
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