JAX chandelier by LAKE+WELLS.

JAX chandelier by LAKE+WELLS.

📅09 Gennaio 2017, 13:52

A modular chandelier crafted from anodized aluminum and solid hand-polished crystal.

Jax chandelier Lake Wells
Jax lives in that familiar and yet unplaceable future past, the one imagined and reimagined time and again in and out of the pages or frames of science fiction. This fragment of prose hints at a timeless, perhaps intergalactic, story which Jax brings to life, light in boundless darkness.

jax-chandelier-lake-wells_1A modern, star-shaped hub powers the prisms, connecting light like constellations with each crystal throwing its own starburst. The final futuristic form of each system nods to a dreamt up intersection of architecture, light, power, time, and space.

Jax poetically juxtaposes the machined with the handcrafted, reinterpreting the traditional crystal chandelier for a different time and place. The body is made from high-precision aluminum, extruded or machined, and satin anodized.

High-powered LEDs and hand-polished crystals form light sources. A subtle chamfer crosses both materials, nodding to the archetypal cuts of chandelier prisms. Comprised of three elements, Jax becomes a never-ending, tailored network of modular, sculptural ceiling and wall fixtures.

Jax is sold in standard 10-light, 20-light, and 30-light sets. Composed of three modular elements, Jax can be arranged on-site in a variety of layouts, tailored to a space. Custom arrangements are also available upon request.

Anodized aluminium: Champaign, Black, Silver
Solid Crystal: Clear, Smoke



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