PROJECT AEGIS store Suzhou, China

PROJECT AEGIS store Suzhou, China

📅07 Febbraio 2017, 15:26

Project Aegis Co. began as a multibrand men’s boutique store and has expanded into the creation of its own inhouse label. The debut capsule collection by Project Aegis Co. emphasizes on a minimalist approach with understated designs and subtle details.

Michelle Wei Project Aegis

Sharing the same inspiration the designer, Michelle Wei, uses materials like matte gray marble, black vintage wood, iron castings, and old wooden pallets to create a low key yet full with rich texture dedicated to men’s fashion.

Michelle Wei Project AegisLocated in the newly built Eslite Bookstore Suzhou China, a famous bookstore from Taiwan also known for combining literacy with lifestyle commodities. Eslite strives to bring the brand new refined lifestyle to China. The window display is exhibited with black wooden pallets along with cast iron materials that easily attract the heads of those who strive for extraordinary taste.

The overall hue is themed towards low key colors in gray and black. Due to gray marble’s refine and calm characteristics, it is inlayed with rustic black wood panels which makes a contrast between luxurious and masculine scene.
Michelle Wei Project Aegis
The line of sight is easily caught by white stainless steel arch racks hanging down from the ceiling. The intricately stacked dark wooden pallets are fused with the ingenious arrangement of spotlights. The combination creates a focal point to showcase the products that are unique and elegant. Behind the arch racks lays a cash desk that is diagonally cut with half covers with clear glass showcasing the accessories. The other half with black metal forms a large triangle hypotenuse. On the other side the space are the fitting rooms with geometric-cut structure extruding from the wall. The overall space is full of materials with different characteristics yet feels surprisingly harmonious.

Project Aegis
Location Suzhou, China
Design MW Design Company
Designer Michelle Wei
Area 100 sqm
Photos courtesy Lin
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