SO Milano piazza Risorgimento 8 Milan

SO Milano piazza Risorgimento 8 Milan

📅09 Febbraio 2017, 16:03

Baciocchi Associati has developed a dynamic project for SO Milano where design and communication move in symbiosis in the space, to offer visitors a unique, always different experience.

All the elements in the large setting have been conceived and designed to present the brand’s collections, displayed on a rotating schedule.
Baciocchi Associati SO MIlano

To respond to the client’s requirements, the design approach makes image and function work together to refine every detail and facilitate all routine operations. The atmosphere is retrofuturist, but also extremely sophisticated.

The project starts with the facade, an elegant example of Milanese architecture, on which iridescent metal spheres have been placed, engraved with the logo of the boutique.
Baciocchi Associati SO MIlano

At night the spheres light up the architecture in a striking and evocative way. The elegant geometric form of the sphere is reprised inside the space and transformed into a sculptural feature that functions as a display fixture: all the spheres are open at the top and contain the apparel on hangers in the chrome-finish compartments. In some of the spheres, the lower half becomes a counter for the display of accessories.

The large spheres form a rigorous array in the space of over 300 sqm, in an environment that relies on a sophisticated dialogue between shades of green and grey, on floors and walls lit by minimal lamps.
Baciocchi Associati SO MIlano

The dominant feature is a long wall decorated with a composition of white paper, made by hand and enhanced by bronze branches on which to hang the garments.

The aluminium counters, with a squared, essential profile, and the large cash desk, in aluminium with mirror-finish baseboards, are perfect examples of contemporary design with retrofuturist overtones, underscored by a monitor ribbon.


Baciocchi Associati is an architectural practice specializing in architectural and interior design, restorations and furnishing design, with a sole philosophy: the pursuit of quality and personality, in all of their hues, as a universal and culturally recognized value.

Founded by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the Studio realizes international-scale projects, including experimentation and continuous research, respect for tradition and reinterpretation of the classical standards of beauty, innovation and creative passion.

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