Pitti Fashion Show and VicenzaOro Exhibitions Attend or not to attend? That is the question.

Pitti Fashion Show and VicenzaOro Exhibitions Attend or not to attend? That is the question.

📅03 Febbraio 2017, 14:27

The beginning of the year is always marked by several attracting trade fairs, particularly in the fashion and jewelry sectors.

XT retailWe focused on two events in particular.

Pitti Fashion Show, since a longtime is searching for a new identity, increasingly suggesting itself as a springboard for emerging brands.

The international exhibition VicenzaOro which sounds mostly foreign and represents for Italy an important venue on the Made in Italy goldsmith product.

Arising from Shakespearean evocations, considering the expensive costs, it is reason to ask whether is the sense to exhibit at these exhibitions.

The answer cannot be obvious and quick. I.e. both the events contribute to have many contacts and visitors (affirmative proof); but strolling among the stands and talking with various professionals, they agree that: IT IS NECESSARY TO BE THERE instead of YOU MUST BE THERE. Then this is the analysis for XT.

Pitti exhibited new brands in smaller spaces, with reduced average investment compared with last years. A lot of creativity and the usual or absurd inability to visit stands not opened to suppliers.

Inside VicenzaOro, the exhibition proves to be elegant and formal while investments on stands are still high; certainly a greater availability towars operators.

As for our opinion we believe that several points of view were shared by some operators at the events.

We asked them for three easy questions:

  • Do you believe in the participation to the exhbition? And why?
  • Which products and mood are focused on your stand?
  • What are your retail strategies for this year 2017?

First, Mrs Katia Olivucci (Ferraris Gioielli), speaks:

XT retail news Pitti Vicenzaoro

XT retail news Pitti Vicenzaoro

Katia Olivucci

    1. Very important is the participation to the exhibitions as they represent true showcases worldwide in which each exhibitor can be visible and sketches its fashion creations.
    2. My company produces from a long time high jewellery creations, fashion jewels and rather important sizes: therefore my stand follows these characteristics. As for my opinion, there is a rule to follow that is never exagerate. The final product i.e. my jewels, really fashionable, cannot look like costume jewelry, but immediately realize that is fine jewelry. Many frills on the stand may arise to doubts as: what are sellling there? I think that the ground should be plain and add several important pieces enable to “enhance and increase in value”.
    3. During this year 2017 we will try to pass the message at increasingly number of customer, by social means and also by private events in partnership with our dealers.

XT retail news Pitti Vicenzaoro

Also in the jewelery sector we have heard the opinion of Mr Mauro Zoppini (MPF GROUP: Zoppini, Manuel Zed, Ikonika):

  1. Certainly in recent years the attending to fairs has taken new importance, as the involvement doesn’t join mass number, but is the way to establish close contacts with foreign customers and reach new markets. This trade show is fundamental for the jewelry sector, the opportunity to present the collections, as a new advertising campaign, in order to strengthen its participation together with the competitors brands, a key strategy to compete and the ability to be identifiable. Zoppini thence will attend to important fairs in Hong Kong, Las Vegas and once more in Vicenza.
  2. We head towards to men’s jewelry with three collections at hign impact. Firts one carbon and leather made, comes from the Zoppini’s research for innovating and high-tech materials; the second one represents the “high quality” first men’s Zoppini Collection, all silver made with a patented processing, and finally a more informal one assembling steel and leather, colors and textures.
  3. We thought to important news as just for this year 2017, Zoppini Company celebrates its 20th Anniversary and we are proud to pass our enthusiasm to retailers. At this purpose we refreshed the graphics with the logo and rgw image, therefore we provide with new displaying materials, refined supports for jewellery as well as a new visual instore communication.

Mr. Lelio Zoccai Marketing Manager Zoccai srl

XT retail news Pitti Vicenzaoro

Lelio Zoccai

  1. Despite the high resources of Information Technology enable to  reach anyone whatever worldwide, luckily for the jewelry and luxury sectors it is still necessary to interact with customers by sight to show the collections as to establish a good relationship among jewels, seller and customer. This introduction, as I believe that the participation at the Exhibition is still winning for the above listed reasons. The jewel frequently represents a symbol and a reminder of memories, a value, therefore it is worth to show and sell it by supplying a notable knowledg, that the customer esteems not only for its quality and design, but realize all the aspects making it exclusive, thanks to the Exhibition as mean to gather people.

2. Our stand has been focused onto the Zoccai mood, which distinguished itself, as always, by its design quite elegant and refined. Our jewels go back to a combination of the ancient craftsmanship until the latest design and fashion trends. A Zoccai jewel is recognizable for its modern and unique characteristics to the limit of the classic jewel to create absolute pieces at the same time maintaining the value of gold, of the precious stones and of the diamonds. Our Company, as well as our stand, desires to recall to its distinct identity as modern manufacturer of high jewelry.

3. The year 2017 will be an exciting year for Zoccai Company thanks to the introduction of new collections and a project of strong marketing promotion of the products. Now and more than ever it is necessary to reach as many as possible of people and potential customers, as Zoccai is determined to make this by using all channels of communication.

Paolo Zanardi | XT retail
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