MONTALBA Architects for Raquel Allegra’s first boutique.

Raquel Allegra Los Angeles retail design Montalba Architects

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Much like the clothing itself, Montalba Architects’ design concept for the first ever Raquel Allegra’s first showroom and Los Angeles boutique, is a mix of luxury and comfort, familiarity and exclusivity, detailing and experience.

Montalba Architects achieves a balance of contrasting ideas by preserving elements of the existing space, blurring the lines between new and old, rough and refined, classic and contemporary.

Raquel Allegra Los Angeles retail design Montalba Architects

The long, narrow footprint is naturally lit through the north facade and two central skylight features on opposite ends of the space, as embracing natural light is a signature feature of the firm’s designs.

By organizing brand merchandise along the east and west walls and suspending the solid brass fixture racks from the ceiling, a clean, open floor plan is maximized both visually and programmatically.

Polished concrete floors and rough stucco walls encase the refined metal fixtures and frosted glass dressing rooms.

Raquel Allegra Los Angeles retail design Montalba Architects

A louvered wooden ceiling sits just below the roofline, mimicking the existing structural elements while concealing the less visually appealing aspects, such as necessary conduit and electrical wiring.

A custom steel window fixture and door at the entryway ensure a continuous design vernacular and serve to reflect the brand’s unique personality in an impactful way when observed from street-level.

Montalba Architects

Montalba Architects is an international architecture firm based in Los Angeles. Started in 2004 the studio blurs the lines and layers of past and present. Montalba Architects is a diverse architecture and design studio of more than 48 designers based in Santa Monica, CA, with a satellite office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The award-winning practice is engaged in retail, residential, and other select commercial projects in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
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