Retail: 3D Animation and Imagination, the three ingredients to enhance with a digital environment.

Retail: 3D Animation and Imagination, the three ingredients to enhance with a digital environment.

📅22 Marzo 2017, 10:54

The German Spanish project shows for the first time in Dusseldorf all its products catalogue and at the same time launches the website

Seewindow decided to open the windows, to participate in the biggest trade show about Retail in Europe, the Euroshop, in Dusseldorf.

retail 3d digital virtual reality

Euroshop has been for Seewindow an amazing opportunity to open our window to architects, retailers, distributors and brands all around the world and show them what is a digital environment and how it
The most celebrated digital environment on the trade was The Bakery, what in fact can be adapted to any craft activity. Another digital environments we launched for the first time at Euroshop were The Aquarium
and Christmas in a Box.

Seewindow is a new, creative project that provides a new form of customer entertainment and virtual reality to retail. How is that done? By ugrading the classic trompe l’oeil and bringing it into the 21st century!  And for doing so, Seewindow installs virtual windows perfectly integrated in shops, restaurants, cafeterias and companies, building true digital environments.

Seewindow Digital environments are all about entertaining retail customers, giving surpriising and fascinating
views and telling stories.

The main difference between a Seewindow digital environment and a typical movie format or any other
standard media is that these installations are designed to be run in a continuous loop, providing interesting
entertainment without a beginning and an end, so they can be watched frequently without creating
weariness or boredom.

retail 3d digital virtual reality

Another trademark of this new product launched at Euroshop is that it is based on proportion and visual
coherence to create the feeling that the viewer is actually looking at a real event or situation, not at a
screen. Everything that is seen is created using the laws of human visual perception and thus creates a
stunning illusion of reality.

On Euroshop 2017, Seewindow displayed the following digital environments:

The Bakery: Intended for bakeries and cafes, it displays life & work inside a traditional carft-bakerhouse.
Realistic but with a touch of fantasy, it ´s unique style comes from mixing 3D design and human
actors, as well as mixing real life craft with a touch of tongue in cheek humor. It is a unique marketing
product for baker shops like never seen before in the industry.

Christmas in a Box: This digital environment has been created fully with 3D animation and was the
first prototype created by the company in 2016. Last Christmas it had its successful premiere in several
commercial centers in Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Portugal. Christmas in a Box displays in a humorous way the life inside and outside Santa Claus’ home.

Virtual Aquarium: This has been seen for the first time at Euroshop. This aquarium has been created
completely virtual using 3D animation technology. Realistic but at the same time with a touch of fantasy,
and with perfect synchronization of the screens this product completely convinces the spectator.

The Perfume fairy tale:
This project is about fantasy and magic, about how a magic perfume could be
made. For that, a troll, a fairy and a dragoon get together in the heart of the forest to create the most
fascinating products.

This digital environment has been launched with an special display designed for Euroshop by Seewin-
dow and Von Hippel. It was displayed to show how digital environments can be used for merchndise
and brand presentations inside shops.

Seewindow’s innovative digital world is developed by the company led by Matthias Clostermann, one
of the most recognized professionals of special effects, animation and animatronics of Europe.
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