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A beautifully crafted experience for contemporary London.
Joseph Cheaney and Sons London by Checkland Kindleysides

Joseph Cheaney & Sons is the latest brand to join an exclusive range of independent retailers in Covent Garden. Chosen for its distinctive feel, the Henrietta Street location reflects the historic character of the area and the energy of its eclectic community.
Joseph Cheaney and Sons London by Checkland Kindleysides

The store is the second collaboration between the brand and esteemed designers Checkland Kindleysides, following their debut work on the multi-award winning Jermyn Street store.

You only have to see first-hand the incredible skill, attention to detail and passion involved in making a pair of Cheaney shoes, to realise it truly is an art.  Checkland Kindleysides have captured this spirit in a beautifully analogue experience that honours the process of handcrafted luxury.

“The store is a contemporary interpretation of our craftsmanship and heritage, championing our skills and values through innovative displays and beautiful detailing. In Henrietta Street we have a statement store, not only for Cheaney, but for footwear retailing” says William Church, Joint MD, Joseph Cheaney.
Joseph Cheaney and Sons London by Checkland KindleysidesThe space re-tells the story of ‘the art of the shoemaker’ through signatures that illuminate this process.  A contemporary narrative drives a genuine love for the craftsmanship of the brand, and an even greater appreciation of their product:

  • The Drawing Board: Footwear presented as exhibits promote a gallery like feel where consumers can indulge in the latest collections.
  • The Workbench: Storytelling is aided by silhouettes of traditional shoe making tools and patterns that are cut into the ‘drawing board’s’ surface to reveal hand-finished Cheaney leather.
  • Leather Steaming: Inspired by the visual drama of the leather steaming process, a canopy of 30 moulded leather shades bathe the footwear in warm light.
  • Polishing: A polishing station situated in the store window acts as a stage for retail theatre to engage passers-by.
  • Fitting: At the back of the store a lounge area is dedicated to providing an exceptional fitting experience grounded in the values of traditional shop keeping.  A curated blend of British-designed contemporary and classic seating further enhances this ambience.

About Checkland Kindleysides

Checkland Kindleysides is a global design agency specialising in the art of brand storytelling.  They craft digital, graphic and 3 dimensional thinking to create category leading brand experiences that have meaning, relevance and deliver extraordinary value.

About Joseph Cheaney                                                                         

Joseph Cheaney & Sons was founded in Desborough, Northamptonshire in 1886. In the 1960’s Church & Co acquired the company, and the company co-existed in group with them until 2009 when cousins, Jonathan and William Church bought the company.

Cheaney are fully committed to producing the finest footwear, with shoes wholly Made in England from start to finish by over 160 craftsmen and women, many of whom have long family held connections with the business.

Today Cheaney have five directly owned stores in London as well as one in Cambridge and another in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds. Their multi award winning Jermyn Street flagship store, was also listed by GQ magazine as one of the ‘100 Best Things in the World Right Now’.


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