Chaoyang JoyCity 2F Shoes Beijing, China. Gravity and magnetism.

2f shoes Chaoyang retail design Garde

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The shoes retail space is a 890 sqm renovated area located on the 2nd floor of the Chaoyang Joycity mall, designed by GARDE CO. Ltd.
2f shoes Chaoyang retail design Garde

The area being an open, yet closed, space with stores and alleys both on the east and west sides, it was impossible to use the usual L-shaped or U-shaped stands and shelves to fill in the space and expose the shoes to the visitors.

This would not only limit the visibility of the tenants stores around the area and the shoes shelves themselves, but also make the circulation difficult and inconvenient for the clients within the mall and the area.

GARDE decided to break the usual pattern that can be seen in many Chinese’s malls and instead to use spherical shelves and round stands to make the circulation smoother and to not hinder the visibility of the merchandize.
2f shoes Chaoyang retail design Garde
The concept of gravity is expressed by the shelves being the planets and the customers being the comets. They approach the planets, orbit around them and then smoothly go onto the next planet.

The concept was born from the reflection on how to induce the customers’ behavior and actions while respecting the client’s requests.

Without corners it becomes easier for the customers to look around the shelves and see the products. The usual separation created by the L or U-shaped stands creates a psychological wall preventing the consumers from looking at the other side of the shelves and see all the exposed brands.

This new disposition gives customers access to more products and decreases the psychological wall created by the separation.
2f shoes Chaoyang retail design Garde
By doing that the customers will naturally look around and it will give a better visibility to the brands. Each brand is indicated with a brand sign put on the corresponding shelve.

The area being an open space makes it difficult to stock the merchandise. With the optimized size of those huge spherical shelves it becomes possible to stock all the boxes inside it sorted out by brand.

Design Concept Gravity and Magnetism
Designer GARDE CO., LTD
Location Chaoyang, Beijing China
Area 890 sqm
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