Lighting that optimises inherent product colours with technology and know-how from BÄRO

Baro illuminazione settore retail

Successful retail lighting must always strike a balance between technical effectiveness, economic efficiency and customer-oriented emotionality.

Light that optimises the natural colours of products is one of the most effective, but also one of the most sophisticated tools here. With decades of experience, the right products and state-of-the-art technologies BÄRO is the right partner for such concepts.

Light creates an atmosphere –and it supports the sales-promoting presentation of all kinds of products. From fresh foodstuffs to non-food products, fashion and leisure articles– lighting with a coordinated spectral composition can render the colour, material and surface properties of products in a way that shows them off to best advantage to customers.

Baro lighting for retail

The perception is decisive

The technology behind this is based on how we humans see and interpret colours. With LED standard and special light colours with different spectral compositions the perception of certain colour shades typical to products can be changed in a surprisingly wide range. For example, depending on the lighting the red of a blouse or a tomato can appear warmer or cooler, more or less saturated.

The art of product lighting that optimises the products’ own colours is to use light spectrums tailored to different applications.

The best known application of this type is the illumination of fresh meat and cold cuts. Even here it becomes clear that lighting which optimises the inherent colours of products is always a balancing act: on the one hand traders and customers want to achieve an attractive product presentation, but on the other hand this must never cross the line into falsifying or masking the products – a question of sensitivity. Here the experience that BÄRO has acquired over many years and successfully transferred to LED technology is decisive.

Twelve light colours for every application

LEDs offers numerous starting points for defining and influencing light spectrums. BÄRO has developed a wide range of LED light colours in close cooperation with its technology partners. This is divided into standard light colours, colour-intensifying light colours and product-specific light colours to meet different requirements.

Even the range of standard light colours that is oriented to the Planck curve is wider than usual: with the four white tones 927, 830, 835 and 840 it comprises colour temperatures from a warm 2700 K to a neutral-cool 4000 K.

Baro retail lighting

Fresh products, perfectly presented

Last but not least the range of product-specific LED special light colours is unrivalled. It ranges from the light colour Sun, which saturates all warm colours and makes fresh fruit and vegetables in particular shine, to GoldenBread, Fish&Seafood, the classic SpecialMeat and its new alternative FreshMeat, which makes the white parts of meat and cold cuts appear particularly neutral.

This means that BÄRO customers, in the retail and food trade, currently have no less than 12 LED light colours at their disposal – a professional instrument which enables a suitable and harmonious light balance to be developed for every retail project, every brand and every salesroom situation.

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