Migliore+Servetto Architects designs the new store format and a new logo for Dmail.

dmail concept store Migliore Servetto Architects

The new Dmail stores designed by Migliore+Servetto Architects express the meaning of the brand as lively places to learn and find out information or to freely move in accordance with their own interests.


Carefully built upon a rich, heterogeneous products’ supply, the set up is a sort of versatile and flexible “machine à montrer”, able to keep up with the liveliness and the constant turnover of the brand’s offering.
dmail concept store Migliore Servetto ArchitectsCharacterized by the presence of the graphic mark the store in via San Paolo in Milan re-opens as the pilot project of the new format store for all the following sales points. A place with a strong identity, characterized by a vivid yellow which dialogues with the white of the tubular steel poles, with the metal sheets folded to create wide exhibition basins, and with the transparencies of metallic meshes.

All is set within an architectural enclosure which, subtending the set up, presents itself as an homogeneous container, defined on the ground by the warm, dark oak shade showing chromatic continuity with the walls and the ceiling.
dmail concept store Migliore Servetto ArchitectsLight is the essential element in the whole interior design project. Emanated directly by the furniture, it marks and frames the products’ partition: linear light rods punctuate the showcases and the wall furniture, hence framing the ‘focus areas’ with a zoom on selected products, while suspended light ring define the central areas, with the lightness of the metallic tubular poles.

Always connected with the the light, an informal graphic system develops at different levels, through a set of icons and keywords that, supported by the sharp freshness of yellow, guides the information and the shopping experience, allowing the visitors to orient themselves among the various product categories and to deepen the knowledge of the objects on display, also through the narrative technological interfaces.
dmail concept store Migliore Servetto ArchitectsIndoor and outdoor of the store are structured to build a close dialogue between the parties. The extremely permeability of the windows, made by a freestanding structure at full height combined with the targeted presence of the graphics for an easy-to-read immediate display, offers to the visitor a wide overview of the interiors. A narrative, communication space, where light and the graphic mark open glimpses and exploration views. A new meeting place full of curiosity and innovation.

Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, Migliore+Servetto Architects, conceive projects characterized by an expressive use of light and new technologies. They have been awarded with many international prizes, such as the XXI (2008) and the XXIII (2014) Compasso d’Oro ADI. Among the recent projects: the new Mondadori stores in Italy, the concept store “Experience Space” for Bticino, the Luceplan store in Milan and several temporary stores for Max Mara in Japan and China, the new “Chopin Muzeum” in Warsaw, “Leonardiana. Un museo nuovo” inside the historical Castello di Vigevano and the exhibit “B&B Italia/The perfect density” at Triennale di Milano. They are ‘creative advisors’ of the Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie in Turin for the “New Egyptian Museum” for which they designed the logo, the coordinated image, and the exhibition system. In 2014 they won the competition, with Italo Lupi, for the permanent exhibition of the new Design Museum for Compasso d’Oro ADI Collection in Milan. Both of them are teachers at the Politecnico of Milan and they’re visiting professors in Japan.


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