Caesar porcelain stoneware floors the Brookwood Village.

gres porcellanato Ceramiche Caesar

Located on the outskirts of one of the most populated cities of the State of Alabama (USA), the Brookwood Village is an enormous shipping mall of the latest generation. It covers an area of approximately 70,000 sqm and has been developed to become a real reference point for the territory.

From Food&Beverage to the most renowned brands of fashion, sport and footwear as well as a fruit and vegetable market and a leisure area: here, the citizens of Birmingham can find the right answer to their needs seven days a week.

indoor floor covering material

The American architecture and design studio Tvs-design, responsible for the refurbishing project, has chosen Ceramiche Caesar and its porcelain stoneware as the ideal partner for the supply of the indoor floor covering material, by virtue of its aesthetic quality and technical performance, essential for an area subject to heavy daily pedestrian traffic.

In particular the Root wood-effect ceramic series has been chosen for the common indoor environments to add a touch of nature, energy and a substantial appeal. In its 30×120 cm size and Nocciola colour, this Caesar collection recalls in a particularly authentic manner all the features of hand-crafted wood and interprets a precious natural material to make it suitable for adding elegance and warmth to any space.

Caesar porcelain stoneware

Location  Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
Project  Indoor Flooring
Collection used Root by Ceramiche Caesar

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