Chocolateria VOKOVICE Prague, by Jan Bek Architetct.

Chocolateria VOKOVICE Prague, by Jan Bek Architetct.

📅30 Giugno 2017, 15:37

The chocolate bar is situated in a pleasant part at Prague 6 Vokovice with good access to the subway station “A’’ Bořislavka and directly on the opposite side of the elementary school at Na Dlouhém lánu” street.

The exact address is K lánu 496/2. Basically, this is not a standard cafe bar, but chocolate bar. Of course, you will find all the necessary services, that you are used to have in the cafe (delicious coffee, perfect breakfast and wine too).
Jan Bek interior design cioccolateria Vokovice Praga

Everything is prepared directly in the preparation room at the bar. There was a minimarket in the area before, so it was a rather demanding reconstruction. A space had  to be re-appraised. The total space is 83.7 sqm, the main room itself has 66.7 sqm. In the background there are preparation room, staff base, men’s, ladies’ and handicap’s toilets.

The frame style has traditionally appeared in the architectural design. We can see it the most noticeably at the lining of the window screens. The task was to create the seats above existing view from the basement. At the same time it was necessary to cover the air-conditioning system’s units. That was the obvious encouragement for creation of perimeter frames with library shelves that covered them properly. The same style has been used with the form of shelves on the brick walls, on the door lining at the background and on the frames of chalkboards.

Jan Bek interior design cioccolateria Vokovice PragaThe main color combination is white vs. oak with various brown shades referring to chocolate. The central bar desk is made of high quality matt lacquer material which is combined with oiled oak veneer. Chairs and bar chairs “Ton Merano’’ are also made from the same veneer. Other shades of brown can be found in light brown walls, in comfortable armchairs and table boards. For the floor was chosen the high-durable vinyl in an unobtrusive light wooden ornament. This material would stand out against an oak chairs and other furniture elements. Another distinctive detail of the interior is the mug lights made by Mr. Ryant.

The architect affirms: “I got quite a free hand on this project and I am so grateful for this. I was able to realize all my visions and knowledge from previous projects. From my point of view, investors put on a maximum and the cooperation was exemplary. I hope, that the project will find it’s sympathizers, supporters for a simply visit also.”

Design Jan Bek
Area 84 sqm
Photos courtesy Daniel Čáha
by AN shopfitting magazine no.139 ©


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