Moremoto, motorbike equipment store.

Moremoto, motorbike equipment store.

📅29 Giugno 2017, 12:27

Located in Madrid and furbished by Stone Designs, the Moremoto store offers a cultural melting pot where one can find references to different traditions.

From the American discipline of the sixties and seventies to the typical japanese architecture and details of Persian tradition, this motorbike store blends into a vibrant setting that dazzles visitors with no excessive fanfare.

In this space the color has been used to differentiate areas, and to add bright to the wood.

The shop takes care of every corner and every space where to enjoy our hobby. This makes the shopping experience unique.

retail design Moremoto Store Madrid

The space contrasts with the coldness of the main counter, made of sheet with red neon, that remind of an old American gas station shelter, contrasting with the big wooden table of the entrance, with the rice paper lamps at the top, or the Japanese style wooden ceilings, inspired by the ones of the Gonpachi restaurant in Tokyo.

The atmosphere is emphasized with the classical motorbikes hanging from the ceiling and on the top of the counter, showing that in Moremoto, they know what they do.

The wooden slats on the walls add color to the project and make up a display system, which has been tailor-made for the project and where all elements have been designed so that each product is showcased as in a boutique. Materials have been carefully selected to highlight each other. Each one speaks about the space where it is located.

The distressed tiles at the spares area, remind  of an old garage. Wood is a common factor on walls and floors of the rest of the spaces, except for the kids’ area, where the blackboard allows them to have fun in their own area. Marble and Persian rugs are the final touch of a universe full of materials speaking about quality, tradition and compromise.

Everything  in Moremoto is minutely calculated so that the user experience is superb. The aim was to get a theatrical light and in order to get it the top of the nave was painted in black. Doing this, the client feels tucked in and less observed.

Location Madrid
Designer Stone Designs
Photos courtesy  Alberto Monteagudo
by AN shopfitting magazine no.139 ©

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