Visual and Jewels – Recovery of authentic materials.

Visual and Jewels – Recovery of authentic materials.

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As Coco Chanel said: “The jewels don’t give a richful feeling to a women but give them beauty”. The jewel is a timeless fashion accessory always in renovation in each collections by new trends which belong to any fashionable outfit.

Jewels represents a pillar of fashion, and all the companies are involved to design and look for new charming materials.

The displaying system inside the outlets is very accurate in every detail focusing the attention onto the jewels as for color, material and feature of the pieces. The companies of the sector are constanly trying for new techniques to emphasize their products and show them in the best way in order to create a unique and amazing shopping experience.

Autumn and Winter Collections forecast feminine jewelry, very precious and almost fitted for a princess. We will see classic necklaces and earrings mixed with a modern character as inevitable element for these accessories. Another trend expected for the fresh seasons will be the revival of 1980s jewels. Many jewelry chains will encircle the necks as well as many rings on the fingers. Maxi earrings and crystal cascades will be the core of Autumn/Winter collections, giving a fashionable look without forget to be trendy. The chokers also, into the latest collections limelight with colourful and sparkling details, become smaller such as a ribbon, mostly black coloured, but always smart.

We had the pleasure to interview Mr.Paolo Gensini, founder of NOMINATION brand, Mrs.Marta Fabbri, founder of MARLÙ GIOIELLI brand and, Mr.Vincenzo Cambareri, CEO of STELLA ZETA brand.


NOMINATION is a Florentine Company which began in the 1980s, with the founder Mr.Paolo Gensiniwhich his family created the modular bracelet Composable, suitable for men and women of all ages, revolutionizing the jewelery industry. The Composable Collection immediately becomes the symbol of the company: for the first time stainless steel is recognised leader on the Italian shopwindows.

  • What are  the products that will focus on the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 Collection?

As always, our top collection is the international best seller, the Composable collection, the world’s most fashionable bracelet. We will present new themes developed in 18 carat gold, 9 carat pink gold and 925 silver. Among them is the pink gold collection which thanks to its color and the message of each link, allows anyone to express a bond, a promise, a sentimental relationship. Composable thus confirms a powerful communication language. In the fashion collections, stand out the Stella and Rock in love Collection, which follow the trends fashion, evoking the iconic symbols of heart and star of high fashion in three different colours for everybody.

  • What are the initiatives that you will expect for 2017-2018 in the Retail sector?

We have an important project that aims to consolidate our DNA and history on the Italian market. In fact we are involved to create specific displaying areas to promote our modular bracelet within selected and key sales points throughout Italy. The wide selction of items with adv materials in addition to our professional staff  confirm us that the Composable bracelet is not only the world’s best selling article but the most popular in the Italian market.

  • How have you seen the visual strategies transform over the last 5 years?

Evolution is made by captivang supports enable to express the brand’s identity establishing its coordinated image.

  • What supports do you provide to the sales point as visuals and windows displays?

Nomination provides all the necessary supports both for the shopwindow dressing and the stock of the jewels, in addition to the institutional displaying systems support for  the seasonal assortment.


MARLÙ JEWELS brand born in 2001 in the Republic of San Marino according to the concept, the creativity, the ideas and the ability of three sisters, Mrs. Marta, Morena and Monica Fabbri. Marlù jewels brand revolutionized the concept of precious, preferring the spiritual value to the material one. Always avant-garde, design anticipates trends with seasonal collections and continuous seasonal shoots, make these collections as essential accessories, always up to date with the fashion trends. The jewels are made of poor materials, treated with the same artisanal care and creative investigation kept for traditional pieces.

  • What are the initiatives that you will expect for 2017-2018 in the Retail sector?

The launch of the philosophy to sell Marlù jewels by three formats: Marlù store, Marlù space and Marlù point. We have created a patented format (licence and deposit) that expresses a new and innovative philosophy of sale. A proposal that envelops, involves and makes protagonist the client by wearing a Marlù jewel, the exclusive testimonial of the brand.

  • How have you seen the visual strategies transform over the last 5 years?

We had identified and outlined a sharp identity of the brand. We clearly reach to our public and show our character. Our jewels are defined in the white light of our stores. the brightness of the sales points with horizontal shopwindows and the continuous black band allow to clearly distinguish the collections and the fast path. A slim and almost invisible itinerary that seems to guide the consumer in his purchases. Our creations are not only a set of collections, but a true world to be passed through the store.

  • What supports do you provide to the sales point as visuals and windows displays?

Each collection has specific displays designed to enhance the products and communicate their philosophy. Communication is our core business and everything helps to distinguish ourselves. The display system helps the consumer to understand the collection by emphasizing and promoting the sale. Each collection has its information which highlights the characters of the products. Special window stickers point out the items created by our designers enable to well underline the communication.

  • What are the products that will focus on new collections?

Marlù will focus his communication on “Dream Free” “NaMaste” and Be Woman lines. “Dream Free” is the new collection that catch the hippy and free spirit and that will go along the 2017.  A stylistic element is represented by the catchy feather symbolizing life with its paths, moving away bad dreams. The talisman that the American Indians hang out of the encampents, thus becomes our good luck charm. For men, the feather returns to the turquoise bracelets, wood and colored, green, brown agate. However, the “Dream Free” collection intercepts, by timing a cool trend: the boho style influenced both fashion and VIP, inspired by the Coachella Music Festival at the Empire Polo Fields of Indio in California, an extraordinary event with alternative musicians and artists.


STELLA ZETA started on 2005 by the entrepreneur Mr.Vincenzo Cambareri, with the aim to create accessories and bijoux for women made up of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, but also handbags, scarves, hair accessories and small leather goods. The products are characterized by a contemporary, versatile, affordable style enable to meet the widest customer target.

  • What are the products that will focus on the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 Collection?

Next season will be characterised by the new stationery line for “back to school”. Among the fashion accessories: many fur products, strictly eco-friendly, above all for handbags and bijoux of course. For jewelry, we will focus on the revival of crystal and the metal trend: colors such as gold, bronze and rose gold will be protagonists for the autumn/winter season, but also in fabrics for fashion accessories.

  • What are the initiatives that you will expect for 2017-2018 in the Retail sector?

Retail represents a key part of our business; since 2007, we have developed our marketing concept on franchising, creating long-lasting and successful relationships. Only last year we had 16 new openings. In 2017-2018 we will be on the territory and in the leading communication channels. We scheduled new openings in the main Italian towns and we will increase our presence in Spain.

  • Which are the supporting tools? I.e. training courses, instore coaching, guidelines. Do you supply the sale point with visuals, window displays and sales techniques? 

We identify our brand as for display of the products by color. Therefore, we usually exhibit and offer to the customers the combination of necklace-bracelet-earring by color. At the beginning of each collection, we provide the outlets with guidelines of equipment, supporting with training courses for new resources in addition to continuous refreshing courses during the season, in order to align all the stores. In recent years we focused our attention on promotion and launch of thematic products, according to the recurring events, by introducing tables and display totems. This is the reason for we are always searching for new solutions and premises to guarantee a satisfactory and functional shopping experience for our customers.

Then, our XT RETAIL management has been involved in a direct experience in the jewelry industry, addressed towards a glocal Italian brand, in a mix of local craftsmanship and global charm, able to communicate with any customer and coutry worldwide: this is the jewelry brand DoDo.

Visual in Gioielleria

DoDo was founded in 1994 by the Pomellato Group with the aim to broader this brand with a new type of jewelry: each charm created with only one gram of gold dedicated to young people and their wish for fashion, easy to wear and match. Tailor made jewelry in a combination of shapes, pendants and elements for enthusiasts of this brand.

We are involved to equip the shopwindows of multi-brand jewelries dealing with this brand. The project forecasts the mounting of the shopwindow kit with the “Summer Collection” according to the guidelines of the Company. It’s a clear recall to summer with bright colors and materials suitable for any look which enhance any figure at all times.

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