John Hardy Houston, Texas.

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John Hardy Houston boutique recently opened on River Oaks District a 1,000 square foot corner location.

Luxury brand John Hardy, known for its artisan handcrafted jewelry, opens its first U.S. stand-alone boutique in Houston as part of a global brand transformation.

john hardy design republic architects

The brand wanted to bring an elevated client experience to its boutique, reminiscent of the warm hospitality, artisanal craftsmanship and unique sensory immersion that is distinct to the brand’s design studio and workshop in Ubud, Bali.

All jewelry displays are specifically designed to house the distinctive John Hardy collection. They are sensibly crafted and engineered by Amuneal custom fabrications.

The very large jewelry display table in the center of the store pays tribute to the Balinese culture and way of living. It sets a stage for the collection, revealing the craftsmanship and secret intricacy of the jewelry design.

Diverse types of glass vitrines are carefully planned to suite the specific jewelry lines and to offer interesting viewing angles all around the display table. Just as the jewelry is crafted by the hand of a skillful master, the display table is designed with great attention to detail and quality.

john hardy design republic architectsSignature carved wood feature is present on all display edges. Weathered bronze used on trims and frames elevates the presentation, while the carved out “scoops” into the walnut display table surface add an element of discovery. Oil-rubbed walnut provides earthy softness, while hammered gold metal inlays bring a watery reflection and playfulness.

A walnut ledge at the perimeter of the store penetrates the glass façade connecting the inside with the outside and serves as a base for the glass vitrines that illustrate the techniques and the tools intrinsic to jewelry design.

Carefully curated window showcases float above the sculpted walnut ledge, surrounded by John Hardy signature glass, setting the stage for the art of jewelry making and unveiling the John Hardy story.

Architect Design Republic
Area about 100 sqm
MEP FISKAA Engineering
General Contractor Michilli Construction
Lighting Consultant Lighting Workshop
Exterior Signage Pure+Freeform
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