TIGI CONCEPT SALON a 5-Star Handmade Design.

TIGI CONCEPT SALON a 5-Star Handmade Design.

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Michele Perlini has designed an elegant plan within Palazzo Victoria.

Tailor-made furnishings, beams decorated by hand, coloured blown glass, textured wall coverings, sage green wood flooring, all of which bring well-being and are eco-sustainable.
Tigi concept salon

Verona: the new TIGI concept salon, designed by Michele Perlini, is much more than  a store, with its interesting blend of passion and quality. But most of all, there is the bond between two friends: the hair stylist Bruno Lapolla and the architect Michele Perlini.

The store is located within Palazzo Victoria, a five-star hotel that is one of the most well known in the city. The space has been designed taking into consideration the people who come there. It is located on three different levels: the styling area, the technical area and the service area.

Michele Perlini interior designThe entranceway which faces the road “Portoni Borsari” represents the working area. It is well-lite with fired bricks on the walls, natural dove grey materials, and windowed openings that face towards the outside  decorated in tufa rock, along with a reception area in corten steel.

Si trova all'interno di Palazzo Victoria, Hotel 5 stelle fra i più rinomati della città. Il locale, pensato per essere “fatto per la gente che lo frequenta”, si distribuisce su tre diversi livelli, la zona stilistica, la zona tecnica e i servizi.

The reception area is the hub from which the other areas open up from, following a harmonic flow of nuanced and warm colours, from the wooden flooring painted with natural green sage pigments, while the walls are dove grey. This is followed by an enormous glassed “privè” inside the hotel with Baxter couch and full-wall Caadre mirror.

Most of the furnishings have been personally designed by Michele Perlini and each element has been personalized and designed exclusively for this store. As an example, the large Corten steel console for the preparation of “live” colours, created as an extensive island with integrated sink and taps in Dornbracht white gold plating, along with a panel and cube-shaped containers to hold colours.


This represents a modern touch which is all the more enhanced by the technological presence of wall-fitted tablets to project videos, as well as information about products and treatments. Back-lighting and hanging lamps are both elements that have made history in design and lighting effects, and which create soft lighting and environments studied for different situations.

Michele Perlini interior designThe result? 100 sqm, impressive wall coverings and the charm that only Verona can offer. “I did not receive a brief,” says the architect Michele Perlini. “I was only told to create a handmade environment made to measure for the space inside the Palazzo. I have no doubt that it will become one of the most exclusive places in Verona. The only problem will be to get an appointment!

The plan takes into consideration the city of Verona and its elements, which are connected through a coherent selection of locally available materials, including bricks, wood, modern style blown glass, with no hint of nostalgia or historicism.  It is a special place, far away from the frenzy.

Michele Perlini architetto designer

Born in Verona in 1982. Graduated in Sustainable Architecture at IUAV University in Venice in 2007. Since 2005, he has been working in his Verona-based studio in sustainable architecture and design. He realizes projects on urban, urban and landscape sector, based on typological and technological innovation with great attention to environment, energy and economic sustainability. Among its works is the First Restoration Conservative CasaClima “A” Nature in Italy, and the first CasaClima Welcome in Italy designed and developed in a historic center, a luxury design hotel.

He produced and planned the Smart House®, a new certified CasaClima sustainable residences, and GLAM®, the luxury prefabricated wooden houses with cheapest consumption. He is the author of the first prototype at the International House of Farnsworth in a sustainable version. He attended to conferences as an experienced CasaClima consultant at major national events. His latest handmade furniture collections were presented at the 100% Design of London and at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In 2016 he was awarded the KlimaHaus Awards with the Golden Cube, considered the Oscar of Sustainable Architecture for the restoring work of a penthouse in a historic building in the heart of Verona.
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