Ichannel Desk and Smart Queue cloud platform by IdeaTV

Piattaforme Cloud Ichannel Desk e Smart Queue di IdeaTV

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From the small store to the big retail, the needs are always the same: to have more satisfied customers.

Think big start small – The customer first

In a time of continuous technological advancement where the digital is always more important, become difficult to do the right choice, that will help our business to keep the customer at the center, to increase the loyalty and consequently increase the turnover.

Beyond to sell a good product to have a good success is important to give a high quality service, oriented to your customers needs.

The IdeaTV daily purpose, IdeaTV, business unit of the IdeaPM group, have the answer for two common problems, that will immediatly help the store to improve the customers relationship.

Thanks to the modularity nature of two high level Cloud platform, Ichannel Desk will help you to resolve communications and promotional issues, through for example, a 10” tablet with interactive content that would give the possibility to the customers to have in real time useful information to direct their shopping.

Ichannel Desk and Smart Queue cloud platform by IdeaTV

Offers and promotions will be assimilate in the best way, providing a best result to your business. With the Smart Queue, the inteligent queue management will be very easy. Customers will be pointing with a ticket to yours reception facilities and in the same time they will receive informations and promotions to improve your business. The detailed reporting and the live monitoring will help you to understand the possible problems inside the service you are providing. Identify a problem give you the possibility to react immediatly and for example increase your employees productivity in critical areas or modifying an internal process. Is important to chose the right technology partner when you wish to grow the business.

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