MADE+39, Tales of Tiles.

MADE+39, Tales of Tiles.

📅04 Ottobre 2017, 11:54

Tiles that tell a story about Italian craftmanship, tradition and evolution: Made +39 reinterprets contemporary luxury as a meeting-place for Italy’s tradition of design and today’s new technologies.
The result, expressed in a vocabulary that draws on the worlds of Italian fashion and traditional handcrafting, is a range of products and materials for interior architecture characterised by quality and aesthetic research, to add value to a variety of different spaces and types of design.


Made+39 is a new ceramic brand offering a wide range of porcelain tile to create personal style. Our creative department works on diversified collections with great attention to detail and above all quality.

Every environment needs a personal touch, a homely feeling, the right color, light, material to create a mood.
A house, a hotel, an office space, a boutique, a restaurant, a shopping mall: every space needs that special something  to reflect the idea behind its creation.

Made+39 is all about focusing on style. Our collections are built around inspiration.
All our series are different,ranging from interpretation of the classic to new research, from fashion inspiration to pure architectural design,and all of them are conceived to provide a number of styling choices.

Made 39 Ceramic Tiles


Made+39 collections offer a range of porcelain tile with colors and sizes coordinated in an harmonious blend,
a perfect union between classic and innovation.

Our collections pull together colors, sizes and textures to decorate residential and commercial spaces,
floors and walls, for interior and exterior.
Made 39 Ceramic Tiles


With future at heart, we approach every part of our process with a sustainable mindset. We want to reduce the
environmental footprint in our sector, and recycling is a big part of that. We try to find solutions for it in every part
of our process, from production to printing.

Made in Italy is synonim of values that reflect in the attention for the environmental protection. Our products come
exclusively from raw materials highly verified, guaranteeing a long lasting result in time, with constant quality.
Made+39 porcelain tile has gone through rigorous quality tests, as well as our partners productive process are
constantly submitted to technological updates to offer our clients surfaces with fundamental qualities: resistant,
easy to maintain, modular.

Carefully selected materials are the essential elements for each of our collections: we aim to design lasting pieces
for your living spaces.
Made 39 Ceramic Tiles


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