Elena Mirò inaugurates in Milan the first Flagship Store.

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Elena Mirò inaugurates the first flagship store in Piazza della Scala and brings light back to a historic location in the heart of Milan.

Elena Miro Milan flagship store

Elena Mirò, the brand embodying femininity, prêt-à-porter with an Italian touch and expertise in the construction of a dress, inaugurates in Milan the first Flagship Store, entirely conceived with the intention of encapsulating, in all its facets, the spirit and personality of its customers: 350 sqm with 5 shop windows in via Manzoni looking onto Piazza della Scala.

A unique location in Milan that few know the history of. A story that began in the 1400s, when the nobleman Giovanni Rodolfo Vismara donated to the Observant Friars Minor of the convent of St. Mary of the Angels half of a building which over time was to take on the name of “Cà delle Comare”. Just a few meters away, the same area saw the opening in 1778 of La Scala, the theater which was built on the ashes of the Church dedicated to Holy Mary of the Staircase that it owes its name to.

In 1817 it was this very building between via Verdi and via Manzoni that was the birthplace of the historic Caffè Cova, which would increasingly become the place where Milan’s cultural circles would congregate. Damage and destruction would arrive with the Second World War, and it was only thanks to the work of architects such as Antonio Cassi Ramelli that life and beauty were restored to the building.

Elena Miro Milan flagship store

Elena Mirò’s new project was inspired precisely by determination to respect the venue’s heritage. The work carried out by the brand’s team of architects was “fueled” by the building’s history, design and special architectural features, recreating in its interior a setting that has a stately aura, but is at the same welcoming. The major restyling which began in June 2017 was completed in record time in October.

Now the entire building has been appointed with external lighting, restoring its value and appeal after dark. A light that comes from the building, giving it life and preciousness while making Piazza della Scala even more magical. A refurbishment delivered fully in keeping with the location.

Elena Miro Milan flagship store

The architectural intervention both inside and outside maintained certain strong signs as driving forces behind the project, such as the exterior and interior arches, and a number of materials drawn directly from the original building and reinterpreted. “The equilibrium between classic and contemporary elements”, says Miroglio Fashion architect Andrea Vignolo, is the foundation of the whole project, and is epitomized and seen at its best in the polished steel diamond placed at the center of the store, which expresses the brand’s desire for a contemporary approach, harmoniously contrasting the more classical element. Fine brass and bronze-coated finishing features, along with herringbone wooden floorings, high quality marble and textile details. The recurring architectural shape which crops up too in the design of the furniture and settings is the arch: an essential leitmotif of Italian architectural language, an ideal embrace, an emblematic symbol of inclusion”.

Martino Boselli, Elena Mirò Brand Director continues: “For us this is a further step in the strategy of a brand that has always been close to women, 365 days a year. Many decades of getting to know our customers, their lifestyle, habits and expectations, which the brand has set store by and drawn on in designing a flagship store in which spaces and architectural elements intimately interpret a woman’s curvy essence, and offer her a truly personal shopping experience”.

Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion’s MD and promoter of this new project concludes: “The new Elena Mirò Flagship Store takes on fundamental importance in Miroglio Fashion’s strategic pathway. We feel responsibility above-all towards all the people of Milan, and proud of having restored to the city a location that can lay claim to a great history which began in the 1400s and has developed over time. A history we want to strengthen and carry on through our store”.

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