Materia designed the Cañamiel concept store in Mexico City.

Materia designed Canamiel concept store Mexico City

Cañamiel is a concept store with a selection of unique products from a curation of Mexican and Latin designers. Handpicked products are pulled together for this multi-brand store and span different lines such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and homewares.

Materia Arquitectura designed Canamiel concept store Mexico City

In 2011, Materia designed the first Cañamiel store that broke the mould of a concept store.

During these years the brand experienced an evolution of its content and identity that made imminent the need to transform itself again.

The design of the new store breaks the traditional scheme where there are multiple furniture for the various products and is transformed into a single three-dimensional piece that generates spaces for living in a diverse collection and in constant interaction with people.

Cañamiel is a space of contemporary attitude for the identity and expression of each person and product.

The visual commitment is the maximum reduction of the materials, expressing the frank, daring and genuine character of the brand and allowing any type of product to stand out and mix with each other. The story-telling of a universe with an infinity of stories, spaces within others and constant surprise.

Materia designed Canamiel concept store Mexico City

Design MateriaGustavo Carmona + Lisa Beltrán
Collaboration Karla Uribe, Gustavo Xoxotla, Paulina Robledo, Sol Fernández
Location Ciudad De Mexico
Area 132 Sqm
Photos Yaatzil Ceballos


Founded by Gustavo Carmona and Lisa Beltran in 2006, Materia is an architecture studio with a multi-disciplinary team committed to one design philosophy: The creation of atmospheres expressed through the thoughtful craft of materials and detail. The work of MATERIA seeks the balance between the artisan process and high technique to generate tangible ideas and solutions that may transcend based in passion and credibility.

Materia has developed projects in 9 countries including Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Brazil and the Caribbean Islands. Some of our clients are internationally spread. Materia has special abilities in coordination with clients, vendors, consultants and contractors abroad being knowledgeable of the standards that guide the projects and capable of adapting them to the Latin American region. Our experience expands residential, corporate, interiors, high-end retail, office and hospitality.

Materia has received multiple awards and recognitions. In 2017 it was recognized for excellence in design and execution for the Silver Deer Flagship project, and became one of the Class of 2016 offices at the Retail Design Institute in Chicago. In 2016 the Architect Gustavo Carmona was distinguished by the University Anahuac with the medal of Leadership in Architecture. The firm was awarded with a Silver Medal in cultural buildings for the QMM Pavillion in Merida at the 2nd Architecture biennale of Mexico City 2015. Materia was also named one of the 10 best firms in Mexico with the “Most satisfied clients” by Obras Magazine based on a well-structured poll and market research as well as the Rising Star Award for residential and Interior Design from Fashion Group International in New York in 2013.