Versatility, beauty, and functionality: the winning mix of Arken’s new fitting lines.

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Your store tells a story, a story about style, about experiences lived, about unique atmospheres. Do you want your clients will live an extraordinarily emotional experience? Do you want they will feel welcomed and free to move around the space to discover all your products, enjoying the customer experience?

shopfitting systems Arken spa

With Arken’s new line, you will find the right combination of versatility, beauty, and functionality to achieve this goal.

With the Cage metallic structure, you can optimize the showcase of your products because it can be easily modified to give shape and personality to your spaces. The versatility of the structure allows you to easily renovate and refresh the appearance of your shop. The illuminated logo embedded in the central panel gives elegance and emphasizes the brand and gently captures the attention of your customer.

shopfitting systems Arken spa

The structure near the tables makes the environment warm and sophisticated. The Boiserie, with its traditional and handcrafted taste, offers considerable compositional freedom and customization. The colors and graphics are, in fact, an integral factor of the image of the store that allows you to obtain a visual impact to attract your customers and promote the mood of your store.
Arken, thanks to the strong product flexibility, allows you to get integrated furnishing solutions to help you create your unique and customized style.

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