Vevs developed the retail concept for De Rode Winkel

Vevs developed the retail concept for De Rode Winkel

📅13 Marzo 2018, 11:11

Iconic denim store De Rode Winkel, located in the picturesque city centre of Utrecht, teamed up with design studio VEVS to create a new retail experience, integrating an intersecting historic alley into the store.

Now that a glass roof (architectural intervention by Thomas Kemme Architects) has relocated the alley to the inside, a renewed main entrance lures customers into a contemporary world of denim.

Vevs developed the retail concept for De Rode Winkel

VEVS’s playful and sophisticated approach of the interior has created distinctive spaces, each one responding to another consumer need.

The store’s shopping experience, have all 6.500 jeans in the collection on display at all times, building a spacious fitting-room area, a bar and a sewing shop, and expanding the women’s apparel collection.

For this multi-brand jeans store the designers were inspired by French artist Yves Klein. They developed IKB (International Klein Blue), a deep blue color which has a strong visual impact, because its heavy reliance on ultramarine!

De Rode Winkel new retail experience

To give the customer a true denim experience they created a 20 meter long cupboard colored in IKB filled with jeans. This large aluminum structure has two library stairs and presentation bars for hanging jeans. In the middle of the store stands a six meter long wooden Denim Bar.

This is the place where the customers can get serviced and inspired by the staff. Behind this wooden counter, a large green showcase displays all sorts of jeans accessories and vintage props. The showcase also functions as storage and coffee counter. Hanging labels help sign the different brands throughout the store.

The materials and details, from stretching rubber strings around the sewing shop’s edges to assembling a storage system for the jeans depot, are meticulously balanced and made-to-measure.

De Rode Winkel’s appearance now traverses inside and out, past and present, store and depot, hospitality and retail, daylight and artificial light.

retail concept for de rode winkel

De Rode Winkel won The Retail Excellence Award 2017 & The Retail Storytelling Award 2018

Project VEVS Interior Design
VEVS team Rob van Sprang, Elisa Meijs, Danielle Pennock
Architect Thomas Kemme
Interior Fiction Factory
Photography Maarten Willemstein

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