IN-SIGHT Concept Store Miami designed by Ohlab Studio.

OHLAB progetta il concept store per la boutique In-Sight di Miami

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The new concept store for In-sight, designed by Ohlab Studio, is placed in the recently opened shopping mall “Brickell City Centre”, which is located in Downtown Miami, one of the booming areas of the city.

IN SIGHT Concept Store designed by Ohlab Studio

In-sight is a commercial space for clothing (self-designed and multi-brand), accessories and design objects for clients looking for an exclusive range of products selected by a careful curatorial direction.

The proposed space is an immersive experience, an interior tour through the ideas and concepts of In-sight. The binoculars, the logo of the brand composed by two interlaced circles, are the starting point of the interior design.

IN SIGHT Concept Store designed by Ohlab Studio

Through the extrusion, translation and rotation of the logo, an imaginary volume is created. This volume perforates the 24 white panels placed in parallel along the store generating a geometric, dynamic and changing tunnel that fulfills the elongated store.

At the end of the space, a graphic panel features a trompe d’oeil creating an illusion of continuity beyond the limits of the store.

The gaps between the panels offer a wide range of possibilities of use, product exhibition, storage or sitting all perfectly integrated in the design.

Throughout these strategies the visitor can live the experience of literally inhabiting the brand. Despite the formal complexity of the space, the construction system had to be simple and easy to dismount and mount again because all the panels were going to be produced in a warehouse in Spain and shipped to Miami where the assembling had last only a few weeks.

IN SIGHT Concept Store designed by Ohlab Studio

The panels are built with a simple wooden structure finished with a very precise continuous edge of white Corian, easy to adapt to the curved geometry and resistant enough for the high traffic of a store.

As in any retail project, lighting is a key factor. There is a simple and basic lighting system that takes advantages of the big panels. A series of platforms with integrated swiveled spotlights are directly supported on top of the panels.

This system provides a basic general lighting but they are also very easy to move adapting the light effortlessly to the changing exhibition of products in the center of the store. On the other hand, led strips are integrated in shelves and hangers to accentuate the display.

Architecture and Interior Design OHLAB / Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver
OHLAB team Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver with Rebeca Lavín, Rosa Fuentes, AmaiaBarazar, Manuela Sánchez, Silvia Morais, Luzia Butnariu, Amalia Stavropoulou, Sandra Wereszka
Photos courtesy Patricia Parinejad

OHLAB  is an award-winning office devoted to urban analysis and cultural research of contemporary society through design, architectural practice and urban strategy. The office, directed by Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver, was originally established in Shanghai, moved to Madrid and currently its main office is in Palma de Mallorca where a team of 12 architects and interior designers are working in projects in Mallorca, Madrid, New York, LA and Miami.

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