Jago Perez Concept Store

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From the volcanic spirit of Campania region and from a European vision, Jago Perez is a fashion brand in the sign of innovation. The strong attachment to work, partnership with big brands of fashion and a knowledge of style, versatility and a right quality/price ratio.

The products are addressed to a young and refined public always attentive to novelty and elegance with a fine taste to modernity. The brand boasting on a strong experience gained over the years has made its strength in quality and processing techniques. Whole collections are produced in Italy, and origined from careful search of details, leathers and high quality fabrics with best finishings, in order to have exclusive products.

The Jago Perez showroom spreading on about 35 sqm, designed by the architectural agency Spinadesign, is a restricted but multipurpose space

Jago Perez concept store by SPINADESIGN

In fact, this showroom presents the collections divided according to the category and the target, while it is a meeting place where talk about further cooperation with customers, thanks to TV set broadcasting fashion shows or photoshoots.

The furnishing system follows the idea to give uninterrupted elements in the space. The main element in the Jago Perez Showroom is represented by the rope. It is 400 meters long and starts from a corner and finishes to the opposite one, passing through to the loops of the shelving system and the wooden planks anchored to the ceiling or to the walls, forming a texture that ideally combines all the elements in order to create an imaginary false ceiling and granting the stability of the cantilevered shelves.

The furnishings elements are designed to be both containers and displays. The shelves, crossed by the ropes, are made in solid oak and represent the ideal top for folded items while other hanging from the ropes. The remaining iron displaying system, black painted iron with a matte finish, has double purpose to display the collections.

Jago Perez concept store by SPINADESIGN

Centrally, the Company logo stands out, realised in glossy black plexiglass, almost in a shiny/opaque contrast or sheer, never “boring”. The logo in this showroom is deliberately strong, but not heavy; in fact, in addition to the exhibitors, we can find customised suspension lamps, precisely studied to recall the old tailor’s workshops lamps.

The atmosphere of showroom is refined with plain shapes, at the same time trendy, reflecting the brand’s identity: informal, casual and captivating

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