L&S is evolving the lighting management thanks to the SMART wireless control system.

L&S is evolving the lighting management thanks to the SMART wireless control system.

📅09 Marzo 2018, 11:22

Within the technical lighting industry, L&S  has always been the leading Innovator in the market.

After having introduced K Concept, the new led panel system, L&S presents a new market evolution: SMART Controls, the new lighting wireless controls system, with an elegant and compact design, that can get easily integrated with all the existing L&S lighting solutions.

As of today, L&S is the only player that offers such a wide and exhaustive range of wireless control solutions, capable to integrate perfectly with traditional wiring systems as well as with the lighting solutions fitted in the furniture.

The extreme flexibility,  is positively affecting both the installation phase –it’s possible, in fact, to upgrade an existing wiring system, without having to install/use dedicated wires– and the usage scenarios, that include both the home and the shop/commercial environment, thanks also to the possibility to fit high-power consumption requirements: it’s possible to control a system up to 60W/12Vdc or 120W/24Vdc, and these levels can be easily extended by linking together up to 10 control units to a single wireless control.

L S lighting Smart wireless control system

With the SMART Controls system, it’s possible to link up to 10 control units to a single remote control and up to 20 remote controls (even with different embedded functionalities) to a single control unit.

The solution flexibility is further guaranteed by the wide range of remote controls, PIR sensors, Touch sensors. Gateway completes the solution offering, thanks to the integrated Central HUB, that enables the remote control of the lighting sources, via WI-FI connection, from the smartphones, tablets and PCs.

With the SMART wireless remotes, available in 1 or 4 channels control versions, it’s possible to dim the lights, adjust the light temperature (Emotion Dual Color) from natural to warm white, as well as choose the light color (RGB). In addition, the user can save up to 4 independent pre-defined lighting scenarios and therefore create specific lighting effects within the environment.

An additional added value of the SMART system is the extra-slim design of the components, designed having in mind the recessed installation within the furniture.

The best example is given by the SMART Ghost, a wireless sensor designed for recessed installation within the cabinet and kitchen furniture’s wooden doors, thanks to its slim dimensions (80x80x16mm).

Because of its flexibility, the high-power consumption handling and the system scalability, the SMART range is an absolute novelty in the market that offers an integrated solution for further pushing the complexity reduction in the lighting solutions wiring and control.
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