The Italian Company Pharmathek (TH.KOHL Group), produced the robotized warehouse for the new Apoteca Natura (Aboca) Pharmacy in Ponte a Greve, Florence province, Italy.

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Following the restyling of the Apoteca Natura Pharmacy in Ponte a Greve, one of the 12 pharmacies owned by the Florentine Aboca Group, a new format was developed aimed to highlight the knowledge of the pharmacist in relation with the customers.

This format involved necessarily the introduction of the Pharmacy Automation System.

In fact, this solution created the opportunity to release pharmacists from all fundamental works, but not professional ones such as the location and the delivery of drugs by prescription, consequently to their storage, and check of the delivery note.
pharmacy automation system pharmathek th kohl group

Pharmathek  answered to this challenge and satisfied the needs of the sales point not only for the technical features of the “robot”, but also for the high technology involved in this customized solution, quite essential for the new format.

Thanks to this system, the drugs are recorded, stored, picked up and delivered to the counter in complete automation; particularly by conveyor belts, 30m longs, it is possible to select and dispense items in specific corners of the pharmacy standing from elegant helicoid lifts, in the central info area of the pharmacy, on the counter, as well as another chosen workbench.

This sophisticated device allows both to optimize the management of the products, and save time and leave enough space, to be used for relationship during the drugs delivery process. This is an excellent automated solution which allows the pharmacist to make his professional knowledge to the wellbeing of the customers/clients.