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A new commercial space for fashion buyers has arrived in the 751 D-Park area, one of the most vivacious fashion, cultural and commercial hubs in Beijing.

Designed by Cun Design, the 751 Fashion Buyer Shop contributes to the surrounding exhibition, showroom, studio and event venues in the recently reinvigorated area.
Cun Design designed 751 FASHION BUYER SHOP Beijing

Ten desulphurization towers throughout the space contribute a strong visual element in the design. The tin columns, which have acquired a beautiful patina that is used to contrast with the glossy floor surfaces, extend vertically from the interior to the building exterior.

A pure white installation takes centre stage, displaying selected products at various levels in the midst of a desaturated bamboo forest. The sleek white is complemented by the rusty red of the tin columns, which are illuminated by blue neon.
Cun Design designed 751 FASHION BUYER SHOP BeijingChinese based team CUN design‘s first line to connect the entire project is that design has to be commercial with a strong purpose, even the essence of it is to create the value of business, and close to the level of space in people’s life, make the absolute improvement.

So, it happened that there have been left a number of furnishing props from the previous edition of the Beijing international design week, created by ODD studio from Japan. In the ‘751 fashion buyer shop’, the display is not only a purely objective behavior, it seeks the beauty of the product in the space based on the existence of design to create a physical environment and space services.
Cun Design progetto retail 751 Fashion Buyer shop Pechino
In order to soften the heavy atmosphere brought by the old industry, CUN design has created some furnishings by material which are close to daily life, that can make up for the order of the space. This dispersing and recombinant DNA also allows the behavioral line to make the consumer walk through the whole project without the visual guidance, which is in line with the business logic. Color is a trigger for people to feel the space.

The pure white in the central area is the core of the display, creating a contrast with the stressful surround in the dark blue. This leads people to the space by a visual attraction, then dividing them into different spaces. Each one Cun Design progetto retail 751 Fashion Buyer shop Pechinohas its own independent definition and are connected to main area, increasing its length to form a ‘small corridor’, which is a perfect transition between the space.

To grasp the requirement of the space scale, there is a certain ‘buffer zone’ between the existence of the space and the original structure. A floor-to-ceiling window  stands in the other side of the center area, the memory of the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ are divided by this glass window line, but also blend in a same environment. Standing in this modified space to see the original factory in the past. The corridor outside has became a fashion runway out side the glass window.

Project 751 Fashion Buyer Shop
Design CUN Design
Designer CUI Shu
Location Fashion Echo, 751D-Park, Beijing, China
Area 430 sqm
Photos courtesy WANG Ting, WANG Jin
by AN shopfitting magazine no.144 ©


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