SECURITAL: new knob for locks with rotating bars for wardrobes.

SECURITAL: new knob for locks with rotating bars for wardrobes.

📅14 Maggio 2018, 11:00

The KYR locks program improves with the new knob for the lock with rotating bars for your wardrobes.

Knob + lock system features:

Design: clean design of small dimensions  ø40x16mm

: the knob is fixed from outside with its bush. The rotation limit of 90° for opening and closing the lock is given by the connection of the knob with his external bush. So the lock will never be forced. Moreover this kind of assembly let the system robust.

SECURITAL new knob for locks with rotating bars for wardrobes

Adjustable: since the knob is connected with its bush and not directly with the cylinder or the lock, the same lock can be easily installed on doors of several thickness, for example from 18 to 21mm. Locks model for thickness of 25 and 30mm complete the offer.

Accident-prevention: the lock is supplied with the new folding metal key cap Art.K012SME.

Operation: only with the inserted key the knob can turn of 90° to open and close the lock. The KYR key is reversible.

Colurs and Finishes: knob and folding metal key cap are supplied in Matt chrome (CRMV) and Matt nickel (NM).

On request special colours and finishes.

Folding metal Key cap:  the folding metal key cap Art.K012SME (mod.reg.) of a very clean and linear design can be offered with different galvanic finishes and painted colours meeting the requests of those customers who want to be different.

The customers at last can show the key of his furniture program as his own key. To complete the personalization, the key cap has been studied to insert, on one side, a resin sticker ,in relief, with the logo of the producer or his final customer respecting the requested colours. The resin sticker can also be supplied neutral without any logo.

The key cap can be supplied free from any sticker so that the producers can fix what he wants, leather or wood veener, for example, respecting the ones used for his furniture. The KYR locks program offer a complete range of locks for furniture made in wood, metal, glass and plexiglass. Hinges to install without holes for panel from 4 to 6mm thickness and with different finishes can be supplied from us.

In our catalogue you’ll find the right solution for your needs. We are 100% an Italian company and our products are 100% Italymade.

Special attention and care has been sent to the finishes, for example for the Espagnolette Locks with one lever key we can supply you in addition to the standard Nickel (NI), the Bronze (BR) and the Brass (OT), also the special “Old Silver” (ARVL), “Antique Brass (OV) and the “Dark antique Brass” (BSO).

SECURITAL new knob for locks with rotating bars for wardrobes

The new finishes we believe are very interesting for Architects and Interior Designers, placing at their creativity, locks and accessories made with care and passion.Securital can also supply KABA locks, with antidrilling protection and protected keys, which on request can include in the system locks and cylinders for furniture and doors.

Coin locks and elctronic locks with Pin Code are available in our catalogues.

Particular evidence has given to the complete program of invisible electronic locks with RFID 125 kHz, Mifare and Bluetooth technologies made by PS in Austria.

In our web site we are trying to point out all our products with technical sheets and video.

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