Sulwhasoo Beauty Store Guangzhou, China

Sulwhasoo Beauty Store Guangzhou, China

📅15 Maggio 2018, 12:28

Christian Lahoude Studio and Sulwhasoo collaborated on the creation of the new concept that establishes the fifth generation of the brand’s philosophy on holistic beauty through Asian Wisdom.

store design Christian Lahoude Studio Sulwhasoo Beauty Store Guangzhou

The goal is to be unique and highly desirable by building the soul of the brand through a luxurious spacial concept. Sulhwasoo embodies Amore Pacific values and Korean beauty culture, rituals, and philosophy of life.

Luxury today needs an exclusive multi-sensorial differentiating buying experience, created through a space that embodies the brand DNA and transforms it into a story telling experience for the client. The concept will be rolled out in a new freestanding store in Guangzhou, China and subsequently in Malesia, Seoul, and Bloomingdales in New York.

store design Christian Lahoude Studio Sulwhasoo Beauty Store Guangzhou

The expression of the brand’s Fifth Generation begins with the translation of its Legendary Ingredients. Ginseng is used as inspiration. Its stable root is opposite its delicate flower. Finishing touches were added in the form of custom chandeliers, with handmade petals of frosted and clear glass with delicate flowers that bring to mind both the ginseng blossom and Sulwhasoo’s iconic Snow Flower.

Flooring is a deep slate, a nod to the dark roots of the ginseng plant, while its golden interior is referenced in the yellow travertine used to lighten up counseling areas, as well as the burnished brass and gold leaf covering walls and displays throughout the store. Best sellers are featured on backlit shelves attached to laser-cut sheet metal; luxury products are displayed on glass shelving with edges of gold leaf. Freestanding fixtures resemble concrete and dark slate in lightweight laminate, with amber trims.

retail design Christian Lahoude progetto Sulwhasoo Beauty Store

A private counseling area nestles amber leather and wool seating beneath a gold-leaf mirror and a smaller version of the flower chandelier. Custom chairs are covered in amber leather and wool with a polished brass base. The custom table is also brass, with back-painted frosted glass that is backlight for product display. To recall traditional Hanji paper, the use of backlighting precious materials creates glowing walls and product displays. Korean Heritage is displayed by multimedia technology throughout the space.

Design Christian Lahoude Studio
Team Christian Lahoude, Katharina Hoerath, Javier Rios Tello, Jessica Hernandez, Kenneth Yap, Myriam Akl
Location TaiKoo Hui Mall-Guangzhou, China
Area  90 sqm
Furniture Bussola & Ralph International

Christian Lahoude Studio
Christian Lahoude Studio was founded in 2012 and since then has been creating store experiences, including flagships for Alexander Wang, Jimmy Choo, and Harry’s of London, as well as a range of design projects for the Aishti Foundation and Mall in Beirut. The Studio has won the Asia Pacific Interior Design Award for its collaboration with Jimmy Choo and the VMSD Reno Award for developing Portuguese lifestyle shoe brand Josefinas’ first brick and mortar flagship in New York. The team is currently working on Andalusia, a seven story luxury women’s spa in Jeddah, KSA, and has recently created dozens of exclusive mini-boutiques within The Wedding Gallery in London.

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