TANGO, scratched metal effect tile.

TANGO, scratched metal effect tile.

📅29 Maggio 2018, 10:45

Novoceram, French manufacturer of ceramic tiles since 1863, presents a collection of full body coloured porcelain stoneware tile characterised by a metal effect featuring a purpose-made pattern of scratches.

Tango has a neutral and even appearance that comes to life when light reveals an extraordinarily detailed surface, the brightness of which is interrupted by a delicate pattern of marks. It is a minimalist and essential style collection for contemporary interiors.

TANGO porcelain stoneware tile scratched metal effect tile

Inspired by scratched metal sheet, Tango has been produced by using, for the first time, new ceramic technology that allows for total control over the intensity and appearance of the glossy effect on each tile. Tango is ideal for both residential and commercial floors.

Tango is available in the 30×60 cm, 45×45 cm, 60×60 cm sizes and in a range of four tones, Tango Titane, a light grey that resembles an ivory tone, Tango Ciment, a pure medium grey, Tango Acier, a cool grey and Tango Graphite, a charcoal grey.
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