Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid.

Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid.

📅25 Giugno 2018, 17:18

Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid’s Serrano 8, the most experience luxury shopping street.

The space symbolizes and reproduces the firm’s identity features: light, texture, colour and shapes.

It is in itself a return to their roots, where raw beauty’s natural sense gets stablished as different, authentic and truly attractive. Everything in Serrano 8 Malababa calls for an authenticity which becomes more beautiful within time. And this is precisely one of Malababa’s mantras.

Founders of Malababa Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara, together with design and architecture studios Ciszak Dalmas and Matteo Ferrari, have joined forces day after day to materialise the dream of Malababa at Serrano 8. The result is a space that has been built the same way their products are: with passion, consistency, honesty and sustainability. A retreat that breathes creativity and a total involvement of all team members.

Ciszak Dalmas Matteo Ferrari progetto negozio Malababa Madrid


The “imperfect finish” and natural hues of Malababa’s aesthetics strengthen the artisan and sustainable concept. All walls are rendered with a mix of Galician clay, white marble powder from Almería and totally natural, ecological and non-toxic food thickeners. This kind of finish regulates air moisture and temperature and maintains the space free of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, as well as considerable helping save energy throughout the year.


Malababa at Serrano 8 is born as a space full of soul, with an identity that allows it to adapt to changes and endure through times. The store furniture pieces mobile modules that can be combined and rebuilt as needed. They have been manufactured using limestone from Seville, aged brass and beautiful moss agate. Some of them are lined using the same leather that is used for manufacturing some of the Malababa collections.

Ciszak Dalmas Matteo Ferrari progetto negozio Malababa Madrid


Behind the lattice structure, there is a great team job. The tiles have been placed one by one by all involved members and they have that welcoming warmth of traditional craftsmanship. These bricks have been artisanally manufactured in Toledo with mud from Extremadura quarries, baked in an H2G oven, 100% ecological, using biomass as fuel.


The ecocement coating some of the store interiors is sustainable and it is guaranteed by international certificates such as the German Emicode, which certifies low volatile compound –VOC- emissions in building materials.


And, this way, as if the brand’s designs would have become space, emerges a spectacular leather courtain which covers one of the internal walls. This decorative item has been manufactured by Malababa master craftsman Osvaldo Ruben Thomas, with entire pieces of vegetally tanned cowhide leather, the same that is used in the Métrica accessories collection.


Although not only leather is present in every corner of the store, the agate crystals that make Minihontas and Nanohontas bags come alive are also one of the unifying threads. These stones take modular shapes and get harmoniously embedded into one of the wall units. As if they were back in the place where they came from.

Matteo Ferrari e Ciszak Dalmas is a multidisciplinary team made up of architects and designers based in Madrid, which is proposed as a tool to innovate, break the barriers and create disruptive concepts, materializing ideas to touch, feel and share.

The studio works across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior, product design and art direction, devising new concepts and services for brands in different activity sectors, with a holistic and experimental approach.

Among the works carried out, they have been collaborating with clients like Zara and Max&Co. in the design of the retail spaces improving the shopping experience. More than 500 stores around the world are being reformed according to their designs.

Camper and Loewe use furniture designed by Ciszak Dalmas for promotional events, while Muroexe, a  successful Spanish start-up, has commissioned the design of its flagship product, a shoe sold in more than 50,000 units per year.

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