FLY PONY Flagship Concept Store Shanghai.

FLY PONY Flagship Concept Store Shanghai.

📅13 Luglio 2018, 11:49

In the teeming city, Shanghai, people talk about a boy called Tim, who is coming from a small town.

Everyday, Tim would goes to a wonderful magical world in his dream. All those shoes he wore are full of magic and stories. In one of his dream, Tim was involved into an adventure, he needed to find a fly pony.
prism design retail design progetto concept store fly pony

Identifying as a brand that celebrates magic, encouragement, protection, education, and a French flair, Fly Pony’s interior design incorporates all five qualities into its interactive space to bring a little more magic to the shopping experience.

The trapezoidal space is organized around a ‘tree’, which acts not only as a centerpiece but also as seating for its young customers.
prism design retail design progetto concept store fly ponyShoes are hung on rounded button hangers, placed on slim steel shelves, or displayed on one of the many custom tables. Golden mirrors shimmer in the background, clad in white cutouts of a city skyline. Each display piece is a player in an encompassing playground, clouds, a house, and trees are cut in 2D form, placed low on the ground or floating above.

A broad colour spectrum helps create a fantasy world for the young and the old. Dots adorn the interior walls in pastel hues, with whiteboard surfaces encouraging children to draw on them.
prism design retail design progetto concept store fly ponyGold outlines soften the stark and crisp white steel surfaces. The dots alternate from fixed ones to moveable ones, the green buttons can be pulled out to create support for display shelves, while magnets in the other dots allow them to be moved around freely and to accommodate each season’s displays.

prism design retail design progetto concept store fly pony
In conclusion, Fly Pony is the child shoes store that both child and adult could enjoy the latest shopping experience.

Project Prism Design
Location HuangPu District, Shanghai, China P. R.
Area 83 sqm
Photos courtesy © Katsumi Hirabayashi

Founded in 2009 by Tomohiro Katsuki. Shanghai based is an international architecture and design studio whose partners have worked for many years in architectural design in various disciplines. These areas of expertise range from interior design, product design, and exhibition design (commercial spaces, hospitality, residential, health and wellness bars, restaurants, retail and office design), to art direction and design consulting for companies operating in the furniture and fashion industries. The team is composed of a group of creative people from different backgrounds, working together in an ongoing cultural exchange. All work carried out by the Studio is characterized by a strong design identity, the result of assiduous research and creativity. This identity is found throughout all of the projects and allows for innovative design and the extension of the parameters of architecture.


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