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This AN issue will bring you within a couple of main important exhibitions devoted to menswear and children wear.

This year, the International Exhibitions Pitti Immagine Uomo 94 and Pitti Immagine Bimbo 87, held in Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

Pitti Optical Power, that is POP, is the concept of Pitti Uomo 2018 Edition. The curator of the current edition Mr. Sergio Colantuoni, the well experienced designer in food, fashion and design sectors, created inside each stand a cutting edge and fresh artistic language in a quite contemporary vision. Extraordinary visual and virtual combination of perceptive factors embraced the visitors in a path dedicated to menswear.

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Many news for this edition, hosting this year the American state, Georgia, which brought in Florence a large representation of designers and stylists in addition to the Scandinavian for the Scandinavian Manifesto Project and many other collaborations, signed by creatives from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We can affirm that the foreign collaborations were a surprising point inside Pitti Immagine 2018, thank also to the dept director Mr. Riccardo Vannetti, celebrating the fifth edition of Tutorship Reward, which as its partner the Parsons School of Design in New York, one of the more appraised fashion school worldwide. The introduction of a new section named “I Go Out”, for a free and wild fashion style, quite exotic and dreamy.

The event could not be miss the special guest of the event, Roberto Cavalli Group, which walked the catwalk in the evocative churchyard of the Certosa of Florence, with the men’s collection by the stylist Paul Surridge.The 94th Edition of Pitti Uomo, inside the Fortezza da Basso panorama, saw 1,240 brands including 561 from abroad and over 30,000 visitors. The International Exhibition, the most important event, has become over the years a point of reference for men’s fashion. By now, it has detached completely from the dram of the dandy man, with sartorial dresses and shows a new style called “sport couture”, the binomial of prêt-à-porter and sport, widely revealed  in the fashion shows of major fashion brands. The prevalent topic of the S/S 2019 season are stripes fabrics, presented colored, of various sizes, vertical or horizontal, onto suits, shirts, pants, no matter where, that’s enough they are!

xt retail articolo pitti immagine uomo bimbo 2018

The XT Retail team attended to both the events and find the current trends and explore new ones. In fact, the exhibition is the ultimate place facilitating the comparison among professionals. And Pitti represent the best occasion to do it. The Pitti Uomo event was a cluster of services and visual details of every type and of any kind of product. It doesn’t matter if you are an Italian luxury artisanal shoes or suitcases maker, the visual merchandising still has a distinctive place inside the booth.
On the contrary, it is not a long shot to say that sometimes the visual merchandising has dominated and prevailed on the product itself. Though it is necessary to investigate among exhibitors and understand what the brand or the product was.

xt retail articolo pitti immagine uomo bimbo 2018

This makes the people curious: the unintelligible or evident references of the brand have some interest and, where added special equipment, why not, not strictly connected to what expected from the involved category, the result is alienating, but really stunning! The Mix&Match system confirms itself the most amazing trend. Another appreciated tendency, that we found again walking on the fair, was the sensory involvement. There is no picture that can explain the idea, but at the entrance of a stand it was possible to be completely immersed in the mood of the brand. As an example? At the entrance of a stand of a renowned  brand dedicated to mountain sports, there was a fresh and lively scent, as if at that moment, we were breathing the air of the Dolomites. And more: walls and floors declined on blue tones, the sound of the waves in the loop and immediately seem to be thrown on the shore, while instead you are immersed among swimwear displays. Thence, the eyes must be fed: fragrances, sounds and scenic effects complete the visual techniques.

xt retail articolo pitti immagine uomo bimbo 2018

Therefore, it was quite evident that the equipment not only reflect, but rather underline and recall to the brand identity or to the mood of the current Campaign. Darker atmospheres go along with products manufactured for a professional and exclusive target; exotic tints sometimes striking for those who don’t really want to keep a low profile, so keen to be noticed at all costs: minimalism for casual style and more informal.

Year by year, Pitti Uomo has become a necessary date to keep abreast of what will happen inside the 2018/2019 fashion universe. The current edition hosted also the new Athlovers project, called the “ new wave within the athletic-minded collections”, that is the unconventional and underground lifestyle. Many collateral events saw the coolest locations such as Gucci Osteria in Piazza della Signoria near the homonymous Museum or the vernissage of the new Giorgio Armani Boutique.

Also at Pitti Immagine Bimbo there was a creative retail great success, considered one of the reference point for the children’s fashion. The equipment and the display systems enhance the garments and the accessories, 557 collections, 347 of which are foreigner, and 5,300 buyers, with a total of 10,000 visitors.

Creativity and design characterized the various brands and prominent stylists, also for small brands, that this year presented new unpublished projects. A world dedicated to youth, made up of great creativity, that through accessories, furnishing systems, urban trends, has given a real impact to the image of the classic fashion for children.

xt retail articolo pitti immagine uomo bimbo 2018

Of course we are talking of various proposals, as they pertain both youth and teen. Candy and pastel atmospheres side the aesthetic rules that reflect the “adult” lifestyle. A fabulous and luminous  world, where children become the main actors of a story that goes far beyond fashion.

In fact, there are many positive proofs among Italian and foreign exhibitors who have chosen Pitti Immagine Uomo and Bimbo, for the first time or who have decided to return back to this event, considered a best practice for the Italian fashion scene.

Interesting also to walk within the equipment cared in every detail in order to enhance the brands, the fabrics to testimony the passion, the care and love for their work. Pitti Immagine represents the “shop window” stimulating curiosity, an opportunity for the stylists to meet themselves, to explore new boundaries and have great visibility.

An exciting and well organized edition with a lot of national buyers, in addition to the International ones from Russia, Germany, United States, and Sweden, who work around a location highly contemporary, thanks also to the modern equipment. We had the impression to walk inside a museum or more precisely within an art gallery, but in this case, the works were performed by clothes, accessories, footwear and… people,attentive and curious towards the collections, sign of a well done job!

xt retail articolo pitti immagine uomo bimbo 2018

However, even in this case, we assist to a dominant and creative visual aesthetic. Passion, identity, innovation and development are leitmotifs for this 2018 Edition.

Also witnessed by Mrs Maria Lucrezia di Monte, CEO&Designer of Ninnaoh, an Italian Company moved by Italian traditions and family, who deals on children’s dresses, and exhibiting in Pitti Immagine Bimbo, confirmed us, in an interview, that Pitti Immagine is a strengthen point for Italian Companies, involved to address their work at a global level: “an important window enable to create many business opportunities and venture us out to the world, he declared the participation of many foreign brands, while as for sales, he stated the turnover between Pitti Immagine summer edition, with more Eastern buyers affluence, and the winter edition, with a considerable participation of Baltic buyers. There was a full general optimistic atmosphere among the exhibiting companies and constant desire to look for new and avant-garde proposals, enable to meet the needs of the customers”.

Mrs Vanessa Tinti, the SV Fashion, responsible of many companies, she follows many high fashion brands, in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. In the interview, she underlines the great potential of Pitti Immagine, “the first and the most important leading trade fair in the fashion sector, a strengthen point, a window for many brands enable to show off and be known.” With the critical sensibility of a significant know how in the field, there is the possibility of improving even if we talk about such renowned fairs, “from my point of view, we should develop the selection of brands to be exhibited, the central pavilions have men’s brands, while others, during the years, have become a mix far from the primitive research, as includes many female brands, which is not expected to be found within an Exhibition such as Pitti Immagine Uomo”.

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