LITTLE STORIES Shoe Concept Store Valencia.

LITTLE STORIES Shoe Concept Store Valencia.

📅12 Luglio 2018, 12:13

Spanish Studio Clap has used arch-shaped cutouts and primary luminous colours to create Little Stories, a playful children’s shoe shop on a street corner in Valencia.
retail design concept store little stories valencia

The Little Stories project encompasses the creation of a brand that represents three clear values: play, simplicity and adaptability. In the graphic image of Little Stories, a sans serif typography is chosen, friendly and simple. All this is completed with the use of different strokes and graphic elements that allow adaptation on different supports.

An interior of 70 sqm open and with great projection to the street through large windows, makes the entire store a great exhibitor of the product.
retail design concept store little stories valencia
The shape of the windows is echoed by the arched doorways of the store’s dressing rooms, the domed mirrors placed against the peripheral walls, and the curved form of the cash register. Shoes are also displayed on metal semi-circle-shaped shelves, which can be detached and moved around due to a magnetic plate fitted to the wall.

The corporate image of Little Stories accompanies the user from the exterior of the space to the interior, creating a constant game for the little ones and clearing the space for the products to be proudly showcased.retail design concept store little stories valencia
Lighting plays a fundamental role, focusing attention on the product through cylinders of different colors. Little Stories uses the primary colors, blue, yellow and red on a neutral white space that serves as a background to highlight the items on display.

Project Little Stories Concept Store
Design CLAP Studio
Location Calle Pintor Salvador Abril, Valencia
Photos courtesy Daniel Rueda

♦  CLAP  is a Valencia based Studio working on creative thinking as a way to achieve business success in the digital age. Projects addressed towards future by enhancing forward-looking ideas. Regarding to an interior design, the goal is to create an experience inside the environment. Always looking for creating something that user will always remind focusing the creative approach on the final consumer/user.

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