DELHAIZE : New supermarket concept.

DELHAIZE : New supermarket concept.

📅21 Settembre 2018, 12:24

Delhaize inaugurates its latest supermarket concept, created by Minale Design Strategy.

As part of the new strategic vision for the Belgian brand, the store offers an inspiring, friendly and informal customer experience.
Minale Design Strategy Delhaize new supermarket concept

The promise: On the side of real life

Convinced that eating better is at the heart of a better life, Delhaize is adopting an advisory approach, far from the cliché of a moralising brand. To illustrate this, the store is open and more pleasant to browse. Designed by Minale Design Strategy in order to emphasise Delhaize’s three strategic axes: health, taste and convenience.

An in-store experience: Make yourself at home

“We will soon be introducing something new, with the aim of reinforcing the coherence of the stores. Above all, we want to be more aggressive in implementing our strategic differentiation markers in stores, both in our own stores as well as affiliate stores,” Delhaize CEO Xavier Piesvaux told Gondola magazine in early June 2018.

From the entrance to the store, a fresh produce department attracts attention with the open “Fresh Workshop”. Fresh produce spaces inspire with an “on the go” approach, just like a visit to the market. The overall organisation makes the store completely readable, enhancing the fruit and vegetable space and the workshops in the back of the store, with a uniform, inspiring and comfortable atmosphere.

Minale Design Strategy Delhaize new supermarket conceptArchitectural gestures and a graphic expression: a crafted, informal and spontaneous style!

Designed as an authentic store, the graphic elements have been developed in order to increase legibility and clear pricing.

The wood finish, the red and white brick walls delineate the workshop spaces, the dark ceiling enhances the warm colour of the floor and adds to the atmosphere.
Minale Design Strategy Delhaize new supermarket conceptDifferent wood tones

Delhaize is a very strong brand in Belgium, Minale Design Strategy has used elements of the brand as markers in the store. Green stained wood for the organic section, red stained wood for promotions. The identity clearly comes through without affecting the aesthetics, readability and accessibility of the product.

Photos courtesy ©Ahold Delhaize


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