A perfect lighting concept for compact spaces to optimise the fitting room shopping experience.

A perfect lighting concept for compact spaces to optimise the fitting room shopping experience.

📅18 Settembre 2018, 11:59

Lighting specialist Ansorg has delivered the perfect product for experience-oriented fashion lovers by developing a smaller version of the “Youzon” fitting room that it originally created as a feel-good retreat for store customers.

Although the new version has more compact dimensions, it still allows users to step into the latest fashions and preen to their heart’s content in flattering light. Ansorg has incorporated all the first-generation features into an area of one or two square metres – depending on the store’s requirements – to create a smaller yet equally impressive personal stage for fashion-conscious consumers. The logic behind the design came from a study commissioned by Ansorg, which revealed that a fitting room is absolutely essential for three quarters of all fashion shoppers, and that these consumers have specific fitting room lighting requirements. The lighting expert’s new fitting room concept offers brick-and-mortar retailers the chance to significantly boost their sales.
Lighting specialist Ansorg

We wanted to develop a compact yet effective fitting room that reflected market requirements and promoted sales”, explained Niklas Reiners, Light Application Manager at Ansorg. The dimensions ensure that it can be integrated in a variety of architectural settings. Many of the stores located in older buildings have smaller fitting rooms that can be upgraded in renovation or modernisation projects with a new lighting system that shows off the garments being tried on to optimum effect. Getting rid of the shadow-casting downlights that many retailers use lifts the atmosphere in the space where consumers make their buying decisions. Ansorg’s individual lighting concept provides the perfect lighting for all fashion store garment categories. It is based on a modular system that is scalable in terms of requirements and price, yet still incorporates diverse lighting options to provide a unique shopping experience.
Lighting specialist Ansorg

There are three central lighting modules.

Lightpanel: A light panel in the ceiling immerses the fitting room in soft and uncompromisingly clear basic light.

Bodylight: Homogenous indirect lighting via one or two reflectors adds dimension to flat structures. The dazzle-free light also ensures sparkling eyes with clear whites and harmonious highlights to promote the customer’s positive self-perception of the image in the mirror.

Prooflight: The lights on each side at the back of the mirror bathe the customer in flattering, indirect light that emphasises garment fit, as well as fabric, pattern, colour and buttons in close-up.

The number of light modules can be individually defined and the colour of the light can be selected depending on the type of garments the store retails. The ceiling luminaries are also optionally available as surface mounted or recessed versions. Additional flexibility and interaction are provided by an optional control panel with different lighting programs. It allows the customer to choose one of four lighting scenarios for the fitting room – business, sport, casual or evening – to reflect the clothes they are trying on. This flexible and modular fitting room offers fashion store operators extensive freedom of design to improve their future sales performance.

Product: Youzon YSC
Area: starts at 1 x 1 m
Manufacturer: Ansorg
Photos: Ansorg


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