Retail marketing paths in Arken-Pharmacies.

Retail marketing paths in Arken-Pharmacies.

📅03 Settembre 2018, 14:10

“Atmospheres” of pharmacies created by Arken Group are recognizable and customizable.

We pay a lot of attention to details, without losing sight of the overall design and layout of the Pharmacy. With central Gondola we offer a solution to our customers to influence shopping behaviour along the path to purchase inside the Pharmacy, taking advantage of the boring moment of the row as a marketing opportunity.

pharmacies created by Arken Group

We have studied and patented a design model for an  innovative display with excellent technical performances.

The choice of acrylic material is absolutely successful. It enhances the product displayed, without covering the view of the entire pharmacy.

Ease of transport and assembling
An easy-to-assemble structure, in addition to the extremely simplicity of installation of shelves in the specific milling.

Linearity and ease of purchasing
This Gondola is suitable for every setting thanks to its basic design. The inclined shelves allow the proper display of drugs, encouraging clients to purchase.

Thanks to digital printing we can offer a high level of custom-tailoring. To the traditional customization of horizontal visual elements, we offer the possibility to print textures, materials and graphics onto the sides.

pharmacies created by Arken Group

Costs containment
In accordance with Arken Policy, the project of this Gondola respected costs containment without neglecting care of details.

→ Realization of Pharmacy by our customer Salvitti Arredamenti srl

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