51East Shoes and Bags Boutique Doha Qatar.

Dobas AG progetto boutique 51East Doha

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The retail space of approx. 1000 sqm is located on first floor of the prestigious Lagoona Mall at Doha.

Dobas Ag interior design 51East Shoes and bags boutique Doha Qatar

It is a prime location, facing the main entrance section of the mall with a high visibility from the access escalators. This location offers a long stretch of shop windows facilities along the sides, but at the same time is challenging due to the amount of structural columns separating the space.

All three entrances were given an equal importance, leading to a central “hall” of attraction. The reception desk and storage are located at the far end, centralising the operational sales activities. All structural columns were integrated into the boutique architectural structure disguising their presence.

Dobas Ag interior design 51East Shoes and bags boutique Doha QatarDobas AG progetto boutique 51East Doha

Each category (shoes, bags and accessories) was given a privacy area to host VIP customers. Open and intimate areas invite the customer to meander through the boutique and to explore the assortment. Soft and hard materials with decorative character create a memorable and unique shopping experience.

Dobas AG Architects created a layout with a central passage way from main entrance up to the reception desk, stretching over 20 meters.

This path can be transformed into a cat walk where on special occasion a fashion show can be organized.

According pre installations allow transforming the space quickly and efficiently without influencing the sales activities on the same day or the following day.

Dobas Ag interior design 51East Shoes and bags boutique Doha Qatar

The large shop front window invites to create display windows with a seasonal impact, changing the appearance of the boutique and signalising the change of season and assortment. Here, Dobas created image panels that can easily be exchanged without touching the merchandise display system. The intermediate gates in Arabian style act as access to window and at the same time allow to peak into the boutique.

The chosen design met all the requirements set up in the briefing by the customer. The various design elements, colours and patterns represent a modern approach to the Islamic culture, leaving adequate space for Western influenced fashion.

The generated atmosphere is clearly feminine and accordingly attracts the target customer. Vertical and horizontal presentation allows to experience the shoes, bags and accessories on different levels. Freestanding furniture can be rearranged easily and allows to change the set up according to the event or promotion.

The design language clearly distinguished this boutique from any other shoes and bag boutique and sets its own corporate design, unique, pleasing and inspiring.

To set a unique focal point Dobas chose to collaborate with the well known Swiss textile designer Claudia Caviezel, who created a piece of art that reflects a joyful and colourful nature. This piece of art, specifically created for this boutique, is located behind the reception desk and sets a strong focal point seen from each entrance. Waiting at the cash desk is a pleasure, exploring the hidden details, leaving a lasting memory after a successful treasure hunt.

Dobas Ag interior design 51East Shoes and bags boutique Doha Qatar

Fragments of this piece of art were selected and placed behind a metal grid. The image is backlight by LED light points that in a random mode fade away and reappear, just as if you were lying underneath a tree and the sun shining through the moving leaves. The motion of light and dark is slow and spreads calmness, slowing you down when entering the boutique.

Throughout the boutique there are decorative elements that play with light and shadow, with reflections and semi transparent surfaces.

For example the two huge light shades that are suspended from the ceiling, hovering over the round sofa. The three meter tall lamp shade has a laser cut pattern which casts an ornate, flower like pattern on the ceiling. The inside of the lamp shade is in polished chrome, the outer skin in a matt bronze.

In the centre of the boutique an arrangement of different sized lamps, design by Tom Dixon, sets a further focal point, seen from fare away. The shades are in three semi-transparent coloured, irregular spheres, which in some areas reflect the environment, in other areas let the view pass through the sphere.

The floor treatment changes once you step over the gate line, from a hard stone floor in the public area to a soft carpet or parquet on the sales floor. There are three sizes of wall display units aligned along the inner walls of the boutique. Each of these display units have a light frame around it, detached from the wall, providing a mellow light to cast on the back drop wall.

The base frame is equipped with four horizontal shelf-support profiles which are electrified. Each shelf has an LED strip in the front illuminating the goods from the bottom, making their appearance more dramatic. The shelves can be swapped around by unhooking, releasing the electrical contact, so no cables are required.

The panels in between the electrified profiles can be re-upholstered with any fabric.  The panels in mellow colour setting enhance the products on display, which often are very colourful.  To create a special interest, the addition of a warm subtle red at units.

The walls behind these display walls are covered in a luxurious, slightly shiny wall paper, discretely reflecting the environment.

Freestanding displays tables in various heights are arranged all over the boutique. The supporting legs are arranged in an asymmetrical manor, allowing “interlocking” the tables and arranging a stepped display. The vertical veneer is treated in high gloss lacquer, in oppose to the horizontal surfaces, which are in a matt lacquer finish, which is less vulnerable to scratches. Oval insets in dark wood suggest the display surface for the goods, attracting the interest of the customer.

The oval shaped tables are in circulation areas, the rectangular display tables are allocated in areas where it creates a segmentation of the space.

Dobas AG progetto boutique 51East Doha

This boutique has the privilege of 3 shop front facades. The shop front facing the mall main court has an impressive appearance with a large entrance and a stone façade in honed travertine. To emphasis the height the stone slabs are arranged in vertical sense and in irregular width of tiles. On both ends of the front façade a display window attracts the interest of the visitor.

The two side facades are dominated by oversized display windows and the generous entrances, each equipped with the impressive gates. The choice of materials is crucial in creating an elegant, classy and cosy atmosphere. The interior design must be the stage without casting a shadow on the main actors, the goods.

For this specific project with shoes, bags and accessories as main actors, these goods are most often colourful. To enhance the contrast the architects opted for mellow, earth tone colours, except for the piece of art that embraces the full scheme of colours.

Furthermore a balance of hard and soft materials was chosen to optimize the acoustics, especially since this size of space, with high numbers of visitors at the same time, could generate a noise level that would de-graduate the shopping experience.

Customer  Darwish Holding Qatar – Doha
Project  51 East / Shoes and Bags
Location  Lagoona Mall / Doha / Qatar
Area 1000 sqm
Design  Dobas AG / Patrick Buchecker / Lucerne / Switzerland
Realisation  Dobas AG / Lucerne / Switzerland
Photos courtesy  Dow / Doha / Qatar
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