GIBAM Composit – Products and methods for successful projects.

GIBAM Composit – Products and methods for successful projects.

📅25 Ottobre 2018, 12:46

In this pages we are going to listen to the project managers and customers who use Gibam Composit’s offer to make the retailer’s need become real, through the designer’s creativity.

We hereby publish pictures of real shops together with the Gibam Composit configurator screen view used to build, display, estimate and buy the chosen product.

The unique Gibam Composit configuration system allows you to try out product combination, view them on video and discover the price in a few seconds. The chosen product combination can be immediately ordered online.

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♦ For the project of the dermocosmetics department of this pharmacy, arch. Massimo Guidotti used the M28.02 Platz series by Gibam Composit, that he considers the ideal dress for extremely elegant and refined spaces as perfumeries and pharmacies, characterized by a great density of products and furnishings.

“In perfumeries as well as in pharmacies, the watchword is “standing out”, highlighting the specific sector and the product displayed. The geometries of M28.02 display solutions, created by matching small panels, perfectly respond to this need”.

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♦ We are in Dubai, in the toys department the brand Borders by Al Maya Group used display walls and gondolas of the M18.02 Krios series by Gibam Composit. The gondolas, thanks to the particular emphasis given to the products displayed in their head are the perfect solution for this sector, optimizing the space and thus ensuring easy access to the products.

The wide and combinable range of solutions of this particularly robust and resistant display system makes it suitable for the most diverse product categories.

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♦ Rosin Arredamenti from Ferrara managed in each and every detail the project of this clothing store, which features a modern and essential design, choosing display walls elements of the M22.02 Ethis series by Gibam Composit. This system’s peculiarity are the uprights embedded in the panel, which provide electricity along their length, allowing the use of cable-less lit shelves and accessories.

“We chose M22.02 Ethis because of its clean lines and minimal shapes which do not divert the customer’s attention from the products on display. Its versatility and functionality together with a great modularity and a wide range of accessories make this system particularly suited to fashion sector”.

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