SPAZIO 21 SHOP – Gioia Del Colle, Bari – Italy.

SPAZIO 21 SHOP – Gioia Del Colle, Bari – Italy.

📅31 Ottobre 2018, 13:29

Silvio Girolamo Studio designed Spazio 21, a women’s clothing shop on the ground floor of an old building in the town of Gioia del Colle (Bari-Italy).

Retail design boutique Spazio 21

It overlooks a small tree-lined square from which you can appreciate the elegance of the amber facade and on which the entrance and the three windows are openings surrounded by the black profile of the fixtures and existing stone moldings.

VCrossing the threshold, the first element that captures attention is the “foliage” wallpaper with light golden brushstrokes that makes the atmosphere impalpable and sublime. It seduces people and invites them to discover the store or to sit on the iconic LCW chair.
Retail design boutique Spazio 21
The space envelops and reduces the distances between sale and people, describing a story through communicating rooms. The white color of the parquet and walls in opposition to the tuff of the vaults and recesses, a warm and expressive material of the local architectural tradition, is the predominant element.
Retail design boutique Spazio 21
To give greater lightness to the tuff are conceived simple black hangers surmounted by small square, rectangular or circular shelves. This movement is best represented in the windows, obtaining a flexible exhibition system.
Retail design boutique Spazio 21But the real protagonist of the environment is the natural chestnut wood that gives to Spazio 21 a concrete and tactile appearance. It stimulates the sight and celebrates the craftsmanship of the “handmade”. Furthermore, the mix with fabric on the table and the cash desk is something bold because it breaks the order of the design for a moment. The result is an environment with a delicate but also material character, which seems to speak of a femininity full of strength.

Location Gioia del Colle (Bari) Italy
Designer Silvio Girolamo Studio
Area 70 sqm
Photos courtesy Giuseppe Manzi
by AN shopfitting magazine no.147 ©


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