AGNONA Boutique in London.

AGNONA Boutique in London.

📅02 Novembre 2018, 17:03

CIARMOLI QUEDA STUDIO has signed the interiors of the new Agnona store in Albemarle Street in London’s luxurious Mayfair featuring a new design concept.

Agnona store London new design concept

The boutique houses a full range of ready to wear, knitwear and the home collections and a unique edit of brand’s iconic capes available for exclusive personalized custom orders in a limited selection of beautiful cashmere fabrics.

The new store concept is inspired by the Industrial architecture of the original Agnona fabric mill which was situated in the Biella, Piedmont region, north of Milan.

The rational, modular metal Nero Metal fixtures form a changeable perimeter of shelving and hanging punctuated by wooden display elements evocative of the “navetta” a component used to weave the precious yarns across the warp of the storied Agnona looms.

Agnona store London new design concept

This narrative of textile expertise is literally explored in hand crafted plaster walls, treated to evoke the texture of the “Nuvola” or cloud cashmere of the brand’s signature scarves, in the woven metal screens suspended from the ceiling to the hand-woven herringbone woollen rugs resting on a floor in Ceppo di Grè, a signature stone from the Milanese region of Lombardia.

The neutral color palette is enhanced by sleek mid-century inspired furnishing in Eucalyptus Frise’ wood and velvet upholstery in shades of pale taupe, nude and unexpected citrine.

A romantic note is crafted in the sleek panels of artisanal hand embroidered silk wallpaper depicting teasels, a natural type of thistle used in the weaving process to brush and refine the noble fibres that Agnona creates, in a naturalistic exchange with exquisitely drawn goldfinch.

Ciarmoli Queda Studio

Founded in 2009 by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, combines architectural expertise with dimensions of charm, attention to detail and material innovation, with an unmistakable signature and style. The firm has designed and developed many innovative projects, ranging over different areas and moving between interior, product, textile and exhibition design.

A vision shaped by a passion for art and creativity, with a depth of background that produces a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact, which becomes the distinctive feature of all the projects of Ciarmoli Queda Studio.

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