Bring the SUNset into your living space.

Bring the SUNset into your living space.

📅29 Novembre 2018, 12:15

The SUNset lamp brings the colours of the sun’s life cycle into a living space.

By pulling the metal ring, the coloured cylinder moves vertically and changes the mood of the lighting from a bright daylight to a colourful sunset. The lamp has a diameter of 100 cm and is made of brass, aluminum and acrylic glass. It is made to be used with LED lightbulbs.

SUNset is a ceiling lighting device. Its unique features are that the colour of the light is changeable from neutral blue to deep red light. Inside the cylinder is an external LED E14 lightbulb. By pulling or pushing the cylinder the temperature of the light changes from about 3500 to 2000 Kelvin.
Sunset lamp
Primary Function | Adjustable movable lamp
Production | The lamp is assembled by hand in Berlin.
Dimension | Diameter with 2 rings: 100 cm Diameter with 1 ring: 70 cm
Weight | About 1.5 kilos

Available starting from December 2018

It has been announced that SUNset has won the German Design Award 2019 that will be presented in February at the “German Design Award Exhibition” in Frankfurt during the Ambiente Fair.

Design assistance: Jacqueline Röttger

About Studio Nina Lieven
My main interest is to combine natural phenomena, geometrical forms and kinetic movements to create fascinating objects for everyday life.
This combination of influences is a logical evolution of my life-long interests, education and studies. From early ages, I worked as a painter while obtaining technical educations as construction mechanics. I grew up in a family of artists, gardener and politicians. I studied product design and sculpting in Kassel (DE) and Madrid (SP). During my studies, I developed a strong interest for light and the behaviour of things and matter.

In 2015, I started the Studio Nina Lieven. All the production is done by selected network of collaborators. The products are assembled with care and attention by me and my team. We take pride in each piece we produce as well as personal connection to our customers.

Studio Nina Lieven products are recipients of international awards such as the German Design Award and European Product Design Award and have been published in many internationally.


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