KRISKADECOR, an explosion of colours, shapes and volumes.

KRISKADECOR, an explosion of colours, shapes and volumes.

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Kriskadecor creates highly customized projects for customers made with anodised-aluminium links.

The brand offers a wide range of solutions for both architects and interior designers: space dividers, wall covering, ceilings, façades, lighting structures or even dramatic effects as a rainy ceiling.

Customization is Kriskadecor’s most strong value. With their small-interlinked pieces, they develop projects based in colours, shapes and volumes following customers’ needs and desires. Thanks to their patented technology, they are able to reproduce image and patterns combining a wide range of colours in brilliant and satin finishes.

The material is extremely versatile and due to its light weight the limit to use it, is in each customer’s imagination. It can be used as a metal fabric or even as an architectural structure for magnificent sculptural projects.

Mainly a contract design projects company, Kriskadecor areas are: restaurants, hotels, shops and malls, offices, sport stadiums, airports, ephemeral architecture and any kind of public spaces. But also due to the innovating and fresh impact of the material and its applications, also private houses use it.

Innovation and customer’s services have been altogether with customization, the core values of the company, since it was created in 1926. Still a family-run company with the third generation leading the company nowadays, the spirit of the grandfather and founder, Josep Maria Sans Amill still remains and as he used to say: “There is nothing that can’t be done, one just have to find the way”.

Kriskadecor, a Montblanc based Company, has been an international brand since the 80’s as their projects started to be requested from all over the world. In 2016 the company set a second International headquarter placed in Arizona, USA. At present the brand exports 70% to more than 50 countries, including countries as New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa.

customized projects made with anodised-aluminium links


Designed by Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven, where she has created a cashmere universe in 130 sqm using Kriskadecor’s links to create the main ceiling structure. Brilliant and satin silver links have been used with a high density to create a fine design that combines chains of different lengths. More than 1600 meters of chains have been used divided in different sags and attached around 5 concentric ellipses. Elegance is created through a detailed sash’s ceiling fixation system that also provides a balanced movement sensation around this oval shape, which also includes shiny mirror-like elements.
Design Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven ♦ Photos courtesy Kilian Bishop ♦ Location Kitzbühel, Austria

customized projects made with anodised-aluminium links


Elegant lighting solution  located in the FAnn perfumery of the Metropole Zličín Shopping Centre in Prague. It includes a lacquered metal structure, anodized aluminium links in satin gold and 10 focal ambient light points.
Design Tomás Waidhofer ♦ Location Metropole Zličín Commercial Centre, Prague (Czech Republic)

customized projects made with anodised-aluminium links

Located in the Vadistambul AVM, one of the largest shopping centres in Turkey, You clothing store stands out for its sober design that plays with black and white. It includes a central lamp in the form of a cylinder that acts as a coat rack. Surrounding it thanks to a curved rail, anodized aluminium chain from Kriskadecor in black.
Design Kibrid Material ♦ Location Vadistanbul AVM

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