Texture paint with continuous wall or floor effect.

Texture paint with continuous wall or floor effect.

📅19 Novembre 2018, 15:42

OIKOS presents the Tiepolo Colour Collection, Materiacontinua (continuous texture), the new line of products born from the cooperation with architect Giulio Cappellini and colour designer, Vicky Syriopoulou.

paints without formaldehyde and toxic substancesMateriacontinua (continuous texture) from the wall to the floor is an Oikos project that continues down a research path that has always been based on the values of eco-friendliness and the concept of reuse, to ensure the life cycle of the material while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment. This is what the Company, since 1984, has committed to with spirit, intellect and the curiosity of those who wish to continually innovate.

The cooperation with architect Giulio Cappellini, ambassador of the Made in Italy, was born on this principles and the architect researched for Oikos the Italian Masters of decorating who, for centuries, have made our Country great. In this research, the art of Tiepolo, painter and printmaker, an undisputed master of Venetian painting in the eighteenth century, became a source of inspiration to give life to a product that innovates, safeguarding the great tradition of Italian excellence.

paints without formaldehyde and toxic substancesTiepolo Colour Collection– says Claudio Balestri, OIKOS CEO  is born to supply the market with solutions that explore always new materials, textures, processes and finishes that mix contemporary design, tradition, and place great importance on the safety of the environments and the people living in them. Tiepolo Colour Collectionrepresents the flagship product of the Materiacontinua division, a collection of environmentally friendly paints that, without formaldehyde and toxic substances, plays on the continuity of the wall-floor surfaces and the possibility to obtain ton sur ton and texture effects, creating an elegant and striking visual impact, easy to apply and affordable.

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