WOOD-SKIN bespoke 3D surfaces.

WOOD-SKIN bespoke 3D surfaces.

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WOOD-SKIN®was founded in 2013 to develop a ground-breaking material technology. Thanks to the patented concept at the core of their products, WOOD-SKIN® transforms a wide range of planar materials into pliable, 3D surfaces.

By adding this third dimension to traditionally flat building materials and finishes, WOOD-SKIN® unleashes an infinite realm of design possibilities.

Wood-Skin bespoke 3D surfaces
WOOD-SKIN®‘s patented production process transforms sheets of rigid materials into “programmable” surfaces. Panels are pre-designed to be folded into a given shape along their “digital joints”. WOOD-SKIN® objects are modern, elegant life-size origami: from 2D to 3D and back, the process is always reversible. Specialised in building 3D surfaces, WOOD-SKIN® offer designers and contractors a wide range of products, for walls and ceilings, that can be conveniently shipped worldwide and easily assembled on site by local install teams without the need for special training and tools.

Wood-Skin®  was developed by a talented team of individuals who are working together to design and produce an affordable, top quality and highly functional product. The founders of the Milan-based team leverage 10 years of academic and professional experience to provide creative ideas and practical solutions.•

Location Paris
Material  Laminate and Okumè

Wood-Skin bespoke 3D surfaces
For the Parisian brand of high fashion accessories Longchamp, Wood-Skin has created two installations inside the global headquarter. In the window display right on Rue Saint Honoré, two “Tailor Made” volumes finished in white laminate on top of an opaque black MDF core, stand out in contrast to the sinuous shapes of the exhibited products. Inside the store, however, attention is drawn to the center of the shop by a flying drapery that –like a fabric– wraps the products with its turquoise color. Regardless its visual complexity the drapery is easily achieved with three “Mesh Sheets” with “digital A” pattern, creating a contemporary, yet graceful landscape of reflections, patterns, and lights.

Design Philippe Maidenberg
Client Holiday House London
Material  Mirror laminate and Okumè
Wood-Skin bespoke 3D surfacesWOOD-SKIN has participated at London’s Holiday House, fair focused on interior design which supports and raises funds for breast cancer. Mesh Sheets in mirrored laminate has been chosen as suspended ceiling as a special feature for the Dreamers’ Lounge.

Design Tetris
Client Gruppo Caisse des Dépôts
Location Paris
Material Okumè wood and white laminate finish
Wood-Skin bespoke 3D surfacesThe French design group TERIS designed this beautiful Tailor Made wall installation. Here the surface wraps the corner to create a special feature element that strongly characterises the room.  In addition to the given Wood-Skin’s standard acoustic performances this piece has been implemented with a series of engineered holes of different sizes with sound absorbing material in the back helping reducing the room’s reverberation.

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