Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella.

Architetto Fabio Rotella concept store Play Lounge Pechino

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A new Concept store Play Lounge opening in Sanlitun Village, a hub of trendiness and a fashion district, located in central part of Beijing.

The concept store offers a true journey through various areas and environments representing different trade topics enclosed within 500 sqm its space.

Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella

Fabio Rotella as a disciple and follower of Alessandro Mendini, one of the founders of Alchimia and Post-Modern movement in Italy, proposes his contemporary interpretation of postmodern interior design and creates a total look space with bold identity: pop colours, geometric shapes, colorful decors and signages.

Each corner is thought as an artistic installation dedicated to exact product type. “Shower Box” is creative metaphor of a bathroom, where yellow hydraulic pipes on square blue tiles appear as racks for sportswear. “Body Wash”, an area dedicated to wellness and body care, is an ironic installation with real carwash foam brushes in the middle of space.

Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella

“Bon Voyage” bag corner is designed as a section of spaceship traveling through far galaxies. Shoes displays are inspired by locker alleys of American bowling clubs and “Sunglasses Pharmacy” display are 4 giant blister packs with sunglasses inside.

Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella

The central space of the store is designed as a big “Jewelry Safe Box” with dressing table in the middle, where customers are welcome to try on bijoux.

Vitart Tea is a trendy bar that offers vast selection of beverages based on tea and fruits. As its name suggests, Vitart bar is a creative mix of vitamines and art, bold decorative elements and colours, that create together the New Pop scenography.

In the center of the bar area there is a giant capsule that is designed as movable display for a collection art objects and figurines “Tivoli”.

“Tivoli” is a happy rabbit, an new mascot designed by Fabio Rotella, proposed in infinite sizes, materials and colours. ”Tivoli” is an iconic figurine that highlights poetical and artistic approach applied to the project of Play Lounge Concept Store.

Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella
Play Lounge Concept Store by Fabio Rotella

An interactive play wall creates a link between bar and retail space: big red buttons put in action pivot boxes, where are hidden curious items, design objects and images.

Play Wall is an alternative to the usual videowalls that are widespread in retail stores all over the world.

“Fashion Boudoir” is a VIP fitting room with small lounge and water bar corner. The space is designed to offer privacy and pleasant experience to the customers.

“A retail space thought and designed as an art gallery to offer each visitor a journey through various installations, decorative signs and sculptures. The project represents a parade of fashion trends, design, art, décor and everything that evokes emotions and curiosity to discover, to dream and to wonder”. – Fabio Rotella said.

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Photos courtesy Andrea Pasini