Sara Vecchi Salon Rome, a place covered by greenery.

Sara Vecchi Salon Rome, a place covered by greenery.

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The Sara Vecchi Salon is an important business place of the roman scene in the context of beauty and body care.

A place where there are professional figures, who can offer a wide range of services: microblading, hairdressing, makeup, beauty, solarium and much more. This 500 sqm salon, located in Via Tuscolana 672, needed an excellent work.

AbitoVerde Company specialised in creating greenery worked in collaboration with AKOstudio,  and focus the project mainly on three different elements: the counter, the rear wall and the Urban Jungle area; three elements that have been conceived and created to be integrated with the salon setting for a realization not out of tune, but perfectly combined with the  elements of the setting

The counter: stabilized moss and plexiglass

The Sara Vecchi Salon counter immediately catches the eye: it is a truly impressive element, wide, and at the same time elegant, thanks to the non-banal lines, rather unusual. Two woods were used for the counter, in order to form a chromatic contrast; this contrast includes stabilized lichen: a long strip of green extending into the front of the counter; to protect the moss, plexiglass panels were inserted, panels which will allow customers to observe the moss without running the risk that the lichen may accidentally be damaged.

AbitoVerde Company creating greenery

The wall: vertical green and woodgno

Behind the counter there is a vertical green wall with stabilized moss; the color chosen is the same as the one used for the counter: the classic may green, much appreciated by customers. The wall is bordered by two vertical wooden bands, that reflect the tonality of the light part of the counter; in this green wall, which is the background of the employees of the Sara Vecchi Salon, has been inserted the company logo, made of wood by the AKOstudio; the logo also reproduces the same light tonality of the counter.

AbitoVerde Company creating greenery

The Urban Jungle Area

An Urban Jungle Area makes the customer experience more comfortable and immersive; this setting incorporates the motif of natural elements of the wallpaper used on the opposite wall; Urban Jungle is a style that has widely spread in recent years which, thanks to its peculiarity, has fascinated many people. In addition, they have created the “Plant Gang”, a corner where the different plants are gathered; among the plants used there are some broad-leaved, the most suitable for a truly evocative environment.

Designer Andrea Molinaro

AbitoVerde Company, in Rome based, is the specialist in design and define green areas; during the years, in addition to the main project themed around the garden design, they worked on a parallel project with MossRoma, the innovative moss system hailing from nature and Scandinavian design.

AKOstudio is a Company in Rome based working on product design. Boasting on an internal laboratory specialised on laser and CO2 laser engraving  processing techniques. This technology grants to treat a large number of materials different among them for characteristics.

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